What Your Birth Month Says About Your Love Life

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1. January 

Persons born in this month are serious and ambitious, willing to learn and be taught. They are careful with other people’s faults and weaknesses, but that doesn’t stop them from criticizing. They are eager to work and want to be productive. Smart, neat and organized. They enjoy making people around them happy. Peaceful and restrained. They are also loyal, love kids and have a constant need to improve social connections. They tend to be moderately jealous as well.

2. February 

Those who are born in this month are realists, intelligent and smart, but tend to have personality changes. Shy and modest, sincere and dedicated, but also quite temperamental. Love their freedom, so they can become angry when they feel that it’s limited. They are very easily offended, sensitive and cannot hide their anger and rage. They are actually romantic, but don’t show that side of them often. They love making new friends and always use their free time for fun.

3. March

Persons born in March are reliable, shy, reserved and secretive. Honest and have a good soul. Want peace and tranquility, and tend to please their loved ones. They are grateful and aware of what they deserve, but are also easily angered. They return favors and don’t want to owe anyone anything. Eternal dreamers with vivid imagination. Love to travel. People born in March are the perfect choice when it comes to choosing a partner and friends.

4. April 

Those born in this month are active and dynamic. Determined, but regret every bad decision. They want to satisfy their needs, but also want to be in the spotlight. Friends are very important for them, so they always want to help them. They always have solutions for other people’s problems. Brave and fearless, but also emotional. Ambitious. They are aggressive by nature. Born leaders. They are always on the move and want to motivate others. Their only flaw is they are often jealous.

5. May

Persons born in May are stubborn and have a closed heart. They have a strong will and are always motivated to achieve personal goals. Smart and emotional. They can get angered easily, as well as quickly fall under someone’s influence. They want to dream and have a vivid imagination. Full of understanding. Love literature, art, and travel. Brave, but careful. They do not want to be alone or in a closed space.

6. June

Those born in June are decent, sensitive and kind. You can change their opinion easily. Sensitive and careful. Picky and always want what’s best. Energized, funny and entertaining. Social and friendly. Talkative. Perfectionists. Have the need to correct everyone’s mistakes. They rarely show their deepest emotions and need considerable time to recover when they are hurt.

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7. July

Persons born in July are fun, mysterious and difficult to fully understand. They are mostly peaceful, except when they’re excited or stressed. They are proud, honest and easy to reach. Overly emotional and sometimes unpredictable. They are loving and they care about other people’s feelings. They forgive, but they don’t forget. Careful, tactful and clever. Committed to achieving their goals. They often worry too much.

8. August 

Persons born in August are attractive, bold and fearless. Great at managing other people’s emotions. Selfish and proud, love to be praised. They also possess a remarkable spirit. They can easily get angry and explode, but only when they are provoked. Otherwise, they are calm. They tend to be sociable and make new friends easily, but when it comes to love relationships, sometimes they can get excessively jealous. Independent, quick thinkers and they always get what they want.

9. September 

Those born in this month are always careful and organized. They always point out other people’s mistakes and want to criticize. Quiet, but tend to be quite loud when there’s a need. Sympathetic and caring. Faithful, honest and intelligent. Want to be more educated and always look for new information. Love to play all sports and travel to luxury destinations. Secretive, but understanding and motivational. Picky when it comes to choosing romantic partners.

10. October

Persons born in October are attractive and glamorous. They have a wonderful physical appearance, but also a great mind. They don’t want to talk about insignificant things. They are always aware of their problems and tend to solve them fast. Hate liars. They sympathize with their friends, but are offended if they don’t get the same in return. Good estimators, determined, caring and full of love. Love to fantasize. They can be excessively arrogant, but only when they threatened. Easily lose their confidence.

11. November 

Persons born in this month are full of ideas, always thinking about the future, unique and brilliant. Good estimators, dynamic and curious. Valiant, resolute and patient. Don’t get easily offended and angry. They never quit, because they believe that for every problem there is a solution. They are strong, emotional and romantic when they fall in love, but can be very unpredictable later in the relationship. Great at keeping secrets. The only thing they are bad at is controlling their emotions.

12. December

Those born in December are loyal and caring, but very impatient. Social and friendly. Ambitious and successful in every field. Love getting attention and to be praised. Honest. They are not egoistic, just proud of what they achieved. Have a good sense of humor and make jokes about themselves. They are happiest when they are loved, because then they are most powerful. The only flaw is that they get jealous easily.

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