This Woman Sprays Alcohol On Her Bed. She Can’t Believe What She Finds That Night!

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It is widely known that alcohol has disinfection properties which are very helpful when it comes to cleaning wounds, cuts, bug bites etc. Because of those properties, alcohol can be used for many other purposes as well.

In this article we’re going to show you 10 uses of alcohol that you probably didn’t know about. And no, by that we certainly don’t mean “10 new ways to get drunk this weekend”. Keep reading!

1. Get rid of bed bugs

There’s no need to buy one of those expensive mattresses that promise they will always be “bug-free”. All you need to do to get rid of those nasty pests is fill a spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and spray it thoroughly over your mattress and pillows. Repeat this process several times to get rid of their eggs as well.

2. Deodorant replacement

If you’re out of deodorant and there is no time to buy a new one before going out in public, just use rubbing alcohol instead. It will kill the bacteria under the armpits and prevent it to cause further odor. Just don’t forget to buy a new deodorant on your way home, because this is just a short-term solution. If you use it for too long it will cause irritation to your skin.

3. Homemade cool pack

Alcohol can’t be frozen and turned into ice (it’s possible only if your freezer goes under -173°F). This means that if you put alcohol in a freezer, it will turn into a cold, thick mass, making it the perfect homemade cooling pad. Just take a sealable plastic bag, fill 1/3 with alcohol and 2/3 with water and put it in the freezer. After 1 hour your cool pack will be ready to use.

4. Kill lice

You can easily get rid of lice by spraying rubbing alcohol on your hair. Mix the alcohol with a few drops of lavender oil and apply it on your scalp and hair. Remove the dead lice with a comb, then soak the comb in the same mixture for at least 1 hour to take care of them permanently.

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5. Clean your ears

If you’re one of the many people who clean their ears with cotton swaps, then you should stop doing that because you are actually burying the ear wax deeper and deeper in the canal. But if you use rubbing alcohol and white vinegar instead, the wax will be removed on its own.

6. Remove fingernail polish

Acetone not only has an unpleasant smell, but it is bad for your nails as well. A better way to remove the nail polish is by using pure rubbing alcohol. Sure, you will need more time to remove the polish this way, but at least you won’t damage your nails.

7. No more ingrown hairs

Don’t you just hate those red dots that appear after you shave your legs or bikini zone? Well, the good news is that your skin can look smooth again just by applying a bit of rubbing alcohol on the irritated areas.

8. Clear your skin

Many cosmetic products contain alcohol, along with other chemicals. That is because the alcohol has anti-inflammatory properties that can help fight against acne. But instead of using chemicals on your face, you can get rid of acne the natural way – by applying rubbing alcohol directly to the pimple.  To prevent additional skin irritation, use alcohol only on the affected areas.

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9. Cold sores

70% isopropyl alcohol has been proven as an efficient treatment for cold sores. Just make sure to apply it directly on the spot (not on the skin around it).

10. Hand sanitizer

You can make your own germ killer with just a few ingredients: 70% isopropyl alcohol, aloe vera gel and a few drops of tea tree oil.

It’s very easy to prepare, just follow the steps shown in this video:

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