Quickly Learn To Whistle In 4 Steps!

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For most of the people whistling, using fingers has been always harder than they look when others does. 

But today, together, we will conquer the finger whistle once and for all with the help of Brett McKay.

He, like you and I, struggled for years to get the trick down pat. But then someone showed him how doing it, and BAM.

Just like that, he became 10 times cooler.

Step 1

Extend your middle and index fingers and use them to form an A shape with both hands. Use your thumbs to hold down your ring and pinky fingers.

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Step 2

Suck your lips in slightly and curl them around your teeth. You don’t need to be forceful, just pull your lips inwards.

Step 3

Using your fingers, push the tip of your tongue up and back into your mouth to form a U shape.

To make sure you’ve got a proper seal, breathe out through your mouth. It should feel like the air is only touching your lower lip, not your upper.

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Step 4

Once you’ve got the right positioning, blowhard and quickly.

And there you have it! You now have the power to instill fear in the hearts of all those you wish to command with your new whistling abilities!

Want to see the trick in action? Have a look at this video from Brett McKay.

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Did you get it? How many tries did it take? Share this post with your friends to see if they can figure it out too!

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