Natural Sunscreen From Indian Kitchen: This Oil Removes Dark Spots And Tan From Your Face In 2 Mins

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The most underrated of oils as far as skin care goes, mustard oil is clearly never mentioned for its beauty benefits. You hear paeans about the skincare qualities of coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil among others, but mustard oil never in the same league.

But ‘sarson ka tel’ (in Hindi) is one gem of a skin care ingredient that starts showing effect in just a week. You will be surprised when you try it.

Here are some awesome skin care benefits of this otherwise heart-healthy oil loaded with Vitamin E that makes it a natural sunscreen.

1. Mustard oil is a natural sunscreen

You don’t have to now pick up those expensive SPF 30+ from the market, for you have a natural, healthy, everyday kitchen ingredient, the mustard oil to protect you from the harsh UV rays of the sun. Owing to its richness in Vitamin E, it helps prevent tanning of the skin and protects from free radicals. Wipe your face clean with a cotton swab, or with a good cleanser and then apply a thin layer of this tradition cooking oil, and you won’t tan again.

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2. Mustard oil curbs dark spots and stains

Your hyperpigmentation problem aside from acne, dark patches and stains on your face can be lightened with the regular use of this oil. You can use this easy DIY skincare mask using mustard oil to make your skin smooth and glowing. Take one teaspoon of mustard oil and mix it with one teaspoon of gram flour (besan), one teaspoon of yoghurt and a dash of lemon juice. Blend the ingredients well to an even consistency. Now apply it on your face and neck in a thick coat by massaging gently in circular motion. Allow it to dry for about 15 minutes. You can easily use this mask about thrice a week for two weeks in a row, and your dark spots on the face would have faded.

3. Mustard oil gives you, baby soft lips

Lip balms wear off rather easily, and your lips end up feeling dry and chapped. How about dabbing some mustard oil on your lips in place of a fancy, fruity, expensive lip balm. Mustard oil is a natural moisturizer that keeps skin and lips well nourished. Your chapped lips will heal in a matter of days, much better than the shop-bought lip balms.

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4. Mustard oil is a wonderful natural cleanser

This thick vegetable oil stimulates sweat glands and helps open the pores on your skin. A process that removes toxins and unwanted salts and water, aside from keeping the temperature of the body regularized. When you take a small portion of mustard oil in your palms and massage it over your face, the enzymes on your face are activated due to the body heat produced. Your skin will get naturally cleansed in the process rather quickly and easily.

Throw away all those expensive cosmetics, use this grandma’s go-to ingredient for all your skin care needs.

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