He Stacks Coins On His Laptop and Leaves Them for A Few Hours. How Could We Not Think Of This Before?

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Most of us have laptops that we use on a daily basis, maybe even for binge watching your favorite TV show. However, in the effort to make laptops, small, their cooling systems can often be way under designed for heavy use. This causes them to overheat, and maybe even become so hot that it hurts to touch them.

Suzuki Akinori, a Japanese twitter user has come up with the ultimate (and easiest) solution to the problem: simply stack copper coins on top of your machine to cool it down, using the power of thermodynamics.

“If anyone is having problems with their MacBook Pro gets too hot and not cooling down, try using some 10-yen coins you have lying around the house. The copper in the yen is a better conductor of heat than the aluminum of the computer and is good for getting the heat out,” Akori states.

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This coin stacking solution is pretty ingenious, and it works on other computers as well. Since copper is such a good thermal insulator, copper coins can come in handy and make tiny little heat sinks. One Twitter user even put the 10-yen coins into the motherboard of his desktop to help radiate the heat!

Right now, you’re either sitting there bowing down to the genius we’ve just gifted your life, or are wondering how the hell we hadn’t already figured that out, and in the case of the latter, bravo to you. You’re officially better than us at applying chemistry to the requirements of modern computing.

But for those of you in that first group, this is how it works – as the Japanese site IT media found out back in 2012, the MacBook Pro with Retina Display can run pretty hot when it’s working at the limits of its performance.

Using thermodynamic scanning, they were able to show that the heat is focused towards the back of the computer, which you’ve probably felt yourself (temperatures below in degrees Celsius):

As tends to happen online, the internet took his idea and ran with it, with other Twitter users sharing images of their own setups – and it turns out, it’s not just for laptops, it can also cool down your desktop tower.

With a little clever engineering, you can cool any electronic device off with just a few copper coins. What do you think of this? Is it more trouble than it’s worth or is it an ingenious solution to a common problem?

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