1 Lemon Peel Trick to Get Rid of Inflammation and Chronic Pain

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Lemons are the fruits also known as -super food- because of their great benefits to human health.

It is interesting to say that worldwide lemon tree is most cultivated and one of the oldest fruit plants.

Lemons are rich in minerals, Vitamins A, B1, B6, C, magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, pectin, bioflavonoid and folic acid.

Lemons are efficient in the fight against multiple diseases and improving many health conditions. There are positive effects on the liver, stomach, intestines and the immune system.

It is interesting that the lemon peels also have benefits such as the strong antiseptic effect, and even the leaves are really good fever reducers.

Lemon juice and the peel have acidic taste and nice sour. They function as a buffer for the body and may reduce hyperactivity in the stomach.

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Lemon peel has fragrant volatile essential oils that will help you to relax your blood vessels. Also, you can use this oil for nerve and joint pain because of the anti – inflammatory effect.

In this article we will present you two ways that are particularly effective in preventing inflammation and reducing chronic pain.

First recipe:

It is important to buy organic lemons. Put the peel in a jar and fill it with olive oil. Close the jar well and let the mixture stay about 2 weeks.

When the beneficial oil is ready, rub it on the affected area, wrap with a gauze and leave it over the night.

Second recipe:

Grate lemon peel, but only the yellow layer (none of the white). Rub the peel directly into the affected part of your body and wrap with a bandage. Keep it more than 2 hours.

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