You Should Never Eat Watermelons Like This. Absolutely Never!!

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We cannot imagine summer days and nights without the delicious, juicy, and refreshing watermelon. What can make the picnic more perfect than one tasty watermelon, big enough to share it with the family?

However, do you know how these giant watermelons are produced?

According to the latest news, the effort to produce the biggest possible watermelon had an amazing effect in China- a watermelon exploded.

The farmers notice that some of their fruit seeds snapped in half and hundreds of acres of melons were lost.

Although 19 of 20 farmers claimed that the fields and seeds were not treated with chemicals, it has been found that the reason for this situation was a popular fertilizer.

Forchlorfenuron is a chemical which is used to make the melon by 20% larger and allows it to be harvested 2 weeks earlier. This certainly provides an enormous profit for farmers.

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Melons treated with this chemical are less tasty, and have white instead of black seeds.

How to protect yourself

Therefore, it is recommended that you buy local organic products or try growing your own food. If you cannot afford this, at least try to avoid Chinese products which are internationally known as fake products.

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