This Uber Driver’s Inspiring Story Left His Passenger In Tears

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On July 1, a man from Bengaluru met one of the “most inspiring men he has ever met”.

Shrikant Singh, an Amazon employee, had booked a Uber back home, but little did he know that this ride would be unlike any other. As he sat in the car, he was met with a routine question, although in an unexpected eloquent accent.

While returning late from office yesterday, I had an encounter with one of the most inspiring men I have ever met.

Anandji (my uber driver) : “Hi, how was your day?” (in superbly fluent English)

Me: (slightly stunned) : “I am good, thank you Sir..”
Post a couple of office calls, I settle down for the long ride home

Anandji : “So how long do you think this eCommerce bubble will last? ”
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Me: (more stunned)” dunno Sir, I have my own issues to worry about than this”
Me: “Sir, what’s your deal.. You don’t seem to be the average uber driver”

Anandji: “Ohh I am an IIT K graduate from 1986. I was working out of the US and India for the past 30 years and I gave it all up to do my own entrepreneurial stuff. I now have 50 cars plying with Uber and I have a couple of strawberry farms in Mysore”

Me: “So then why are you yourself driving this car around ”

Anandji : “Ohh this car met with an accident a few days back and my uber driver died. His family is too proud to take money, so I figured the only way I can help is to drive the car on his behalf and let the income from Uber keep flowing. And I feel happy doing this”

I don’t feel ashamed saying I cried a little…
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In his post on Facebook, Mr Singh wrote, “I don’t feel ashamed saying I cried a little.”
Well, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that even though the world is full of hatred, there are people like Anand who are restoring our faith in humanity. 

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