This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Expresses Their Anger

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If you've ever wondered what it's like to deal with a person's anger you can always turn to their zodiac sign for a little help on how to better understand them and what they need in order to cope with their emotions.

Each zodiac sign expresses different ways on how they feel, react, and recover from their stress. It is important that we do not take it personally.

December 22nd Through January 19th (CAPRICORN)

If you are dealing with a Capricorn they will most likely bottle up their emotions because they feel like they cannot express themselves to anyone when it comes to dealing with their anger and stress.

They would rather be alone with their sorrow instead of losing their temper in front of people they care about. Capricorns also are able to let things go pretty easily.

January 20th Through February 18th (AQUARIUS) 

Looking at an Aquarius when it comes to facing their anger, they very much prefer not to argue with others and instead end up ignoring the ones they are having a conflict with.

However, they also love to try and figuring things out in order to restore some of the peace that has been broken. This is only after they have settled themselves down, of course. 

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February 19th Through March 20th (PISCES)

When Pisces is dealing with their adversities they will normally try to avoid any form of confrontation, and this is only if they are in a bad mood that day.

Expect them to be very self-destructive when they are overwhelmed with stress. Pisces likes to express their anger through crying and can more often than not hold personal vendettas against others depending on the situation.

March 21st Through April 19th (ARIES)

If you are dealing with an Aries, and they become angry, they are often critical in both calming down as well as being very easily angered. However, they will avoid starting fights with others and lashing out at them.

Aries have a very forgiving nature when it comes to getting over things. Let the Aries take a moment to recollect themselves and then they should be willing to talk it out with you. 

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April 20th Through May 22nd (TAURUS)

Taurus is very hard to anger, but when you do, expect them to be blind with fury for extended periods of time. They must take their time when a Taurus is trying to cope with their stress and anger.

Avoid being unfair or disloyal to them, this will make them the most infuriated out of everything else.

May 21st Through June 20th (GEMINI)

If you ever find yourself having to deal with a Gemini and their anger, they can prove to be some of the most unexpected outbursts and meltdowns.

Do not try to anger a Gemini the best of your abilities otherwise you will experience their voices raised as loudly as they can as well as the cruelest of words they can describe you. They will also become very defensive if you start an argument with them. 

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