This Is How Each Zodiac Sign Expresses Their Anger

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June 21st Through July 20th (CANCER)

Cancers will express their anger passively to you in very subtle ways. However, if they seem angry at you, it will become very obvious once they start ignoring you or giving you the cold shoulder.

If you are willing to openly discuss the problem with them and come to an understanding, then a Cancer will be there with you.

July 23rd Through August 22nd (LEO)

Leo's express their anger through very quick offensive accusations toward you and the conflict at hand. Leo's have a very certain tone when they are angry as well as combating you with cruel language.

Although they are angry at you, they are also willing to get over the argument as soon as they can. 

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August 23rd Through September 22nd (VIRGO)

Even though a Virgo requires a lot of motivation to become angry, they will still shut out the conflict entirely and then deal with their emotions by themselves.

They prefer to avoid any form of confrontation if they can, so even when you think they are mad do not try to approach while they are recovering from the situation.

September 23rd Through October 22nd (LIBRA)

When you are dealing with a Libra, they will play the role of being a peacekeeper when conflicts burst out. A Libra would very much prefer to avoid any form of confrontation when it comes to dealing with their anger or other peoples issues.

More often than not, a Libra will say what is on their mind for the moment and then leave before anything else can be said. 

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October 23rd Through November 21st (SCORPIO)

Scorpio's are very expressive when it comes to dealing with their anger. You will notice very quickly when a Scorpio becomes upset with you.

They will try to hold their peace in public with you for the moment, but you should expect to have a pretty big fight with them later on. Scorpio's do not like beating around the bush when it comes to dealing with their problems, so better brave yourself.

November 22nd Through December 21st (SAGITTARIUS)

There really is no panic when a Sagittarius feels angry or stressed. They tend to have a lot of tolerance when it comes to dealing with things they are angry about or feeling hesitant toward.

However, if you do get the rare chance of seeing a Sagittarius upset, they will become extremely sarcastic with you as well as passive aggressive.

Hopefully this has helped you understand what stress and anger is like for every singe Zodiac sign. Remember, communication is a very important aspect when you are in any kind of relationship with someone. 

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