This Is An Effective Way To Destroy All The Cockroaches In Your House!

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There are a lot of products on the market to fight this menace, but most of them have certain drawbacks: Cockroaches are disappearing, but in a short time, an unpleasant odor remains in the house, and chemical products are dangerous to the health of humans and animals.

There is one proven way to get rid of cockroaches.

The recipe consists in the following:

Take 1 raw egg yolk, pour 30-50 grams of boric acid powder (borax or boric powder acid). Mix until gets a slurry mixture. From this mixture make balls with a diameter about 1 cm. Wait until dry (about an hour) and distribute them all over the house in visible places and corners. Pay special attention to the kitchen and bathroom. Do not forget that the place should be visible, not from your point of view, but from the point of view of the cockroaches: Parts of shelves, racks, closets, kitchen cabinets and all that is above your eyes.

The cockroach will not feel the boric ball, but be sure it will come out of curiosity. It will touch it by its mustache, and will be doomed, if not to death, then the infernal itching. It will not be able to warn the others, and not just because their communication did not reach the high level of development, but because the boric balls.
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These balls are harmless to humans and pets, so they can be safely placed in the house or apartment in which are small children, dogs or cats.

Thus, the balls will approach more and more new and healthy bugs and go seriously ill. Furthermore, such a cockroach is able to infect a healthy counterpart in touch with it.

At first you will be as cockroaches do not care about your tricks, how moving calm and do not feel any discomfort. But after 3-4 weeks you will have to clean every day an enormous amount of dead bugs (of course if you have had a lot). After that, bugs disappear! If after 6 months appear cockroaches, so females (or only one) were able to lay eggs and hatched the new generation. The method is fighting – the same.

Sometimes cockroaches can run to neighbors, where they tried to poison them. If your balls are in place, do not worry, as they come running, they will also escape.

Boric acid is not toxic, it is used for disinfection, 3% boric acid is acidi borici, eye wash solution. If you do not find boric acid powder, use a 3% solution of boric acid, which is sold in every pharmacy at an affordable price.

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