They Thought They Were Normal Flowers – Once They Got Closer, Everyone Was Stunned!

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Take a look at the picture below. What do you see? Pretty flowers? A lush forest? Look closer, you’ll see that these flowers look like dancing girls in white dresses! The effect is amazing!

The flowers above are a rare type of Orchid known as ‘Impatiens Bequaertii’, but due to their charming shape, they are called “Dancing Girl Orchids” by many people.

Each species of flower is unique, their colors and shapes are not only aesthetically pleasing to humans, they also serve a specific purpose for each flower. They attract insects to assist in pollination and also repel predators. The images collected below are fascinating examples of plants that have managed to look surprisingly like something else entirely.

Can you see them all?

Monkey Face – Dracula Simia Orchid  It almost seems that he is asking for a peanut.

Gorilla Face – Dracula Simia Orchid  This is the same flower as above, but the black stripes make it look more like King Kong than Curious George.

Flying Duck – Caleana Major Orchid  You can almost see him landing on a calm lake.

Happy Alien – Calceolaria Uniflora  This little guy wants to be taken to our leader, it looks like he has a gift or platter of hors d’oeuvres.

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Naked Men – Orchis Italica  The smiles on their faces crack me up!

Parrot Flower – Impatiens Psittacina  This is one of the rarest and most expensive plants in the world. They are native only to Thailand and their export is strictly forbidden

Angel Flower – Habenaria Grandifloriformis Orchid  She seems to be serenely floating in a church listening to a choir.

 Ballerina Orchid (species unknown)  Love the little white tutu!

Swaddled Babies – Anguloa Uniflora  You can almost picture a row of these precious cuties in a hospital nursery.

Orange Moth Flower – Phalaenopsis Orchid It looks like a giant bird is about to peck the little moth!

White Egret Flower – Habenaria Radiata Orchid  These are so beautiful, the outstretched wings and yellow beaks are perfect.

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Tiger Faced Orchid (species unknown)  He is growling!

Skulls On A Branch – Snap Dragon Seed Pods  Whoa, these are a bit creepy, but still really cool.

 Ghost Flower (species unknown)  Casper the friendly flower!

Darth Vader – Aristolochia Salvadorensis Orchid  Wow! The force is strong with this one!

Graceful Swans – Cyclamen Flower Buds  These would be perfect for wedding decorations. 

Kissing Lips – Psychotria Elata Orchid  Pucker up! This could be a great Valentines Day gift!

Laughing Bumble Bee – Ophrys Bomybliflora Orchid  This one was a bit hard to see at first,
but when I finally saw him, he made me chuckle!

Dove or Holy Ghost Flower – Peristeria Elata Orchid  This looks just like a ceramic figurine.

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