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Cracked heels are an aesthetic issue for most women, especially in the summer, when footwear is quite revealing. Although there are countless commercial products for foot care, one of the most effective natural remedies for treating corns, blisters, cracked heels, thick and rough skin on the feet is the combination of 2 ingredients every house has. The treatment lasts for 10 days, after which your feet will look visibly rejuvenated.
Read on and find out how this simple, yet extremely effective home treatment can make your heels look 20 years younger.

Aesthetic and health problem

The thing with cracked heels is that they are not just an esthetic issue. If not treated promptly, they become deeper and more painful; they often bleed too. Cracked heels are also more prone to infections as the cracks leave space for dirt to accumulate, which means that prompt treatment is essential in order to prevent more serious complications.

It’s also good to know that callous and thick skin on the feet usually results from the buildup of excess dead skin cells. This in turn results in poor circulation and elasticity. Now, one of the best methods to remove this thick skin is to use a pumice stone or a file after having a shower as then the skin on your feet is softer. Be cautious not to use a sharp object, such as a knife or a scalpel, because you might remove too much skin from your heels and cause an infection.

After removing the dead skin cells off your feet, the next step you take is nourishing the skin. This will also speed up recovery. And, you don’t need expensive store-bought products for this. In fact, some common kitchen ingredients, such as olive and coconut oil, are even more effective in nourishing and moisturizing the skin on your heels. Simply apply some oil on your heels after the pumice stone treatment and massage in circular motion until it gets well-absorbed into the skin.

If, however, your heels are badly cracked and hurting, the following recipe is just what you need. It comprises only 2 easily available ingredients:
  • 10 aspirins (300mg)
  • 250ml brandy or rubbing alcohol (70%)

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Crush the aspirins first. You need to get aspirin powder. Mix the powder with 250ml brandy (or 70% rubbing alcohol). Leave the mixture to blend well for a couple of days.

The treatment is best done before bedtime. What you do is shake the mixture first as the aspirin powder may sink at the bottom, then soak some clean gauze in it. Apply the wet gauze on your heels or the entire foot, if it’s affected. Next, wrap your feet with a plastic bag, then put on a pair of socks. Leave this on overnight. In the morning, wash your foot with warm water, towel-dry and apply some nourishing skin cream or glycerin.

It only requires 10 treatments for your feet to look visibly better. The thick rough skin will simply disappear. To maintain the new good looks of your feet, regularly use a brush or a pumice stone to clean your heels. Always follow this with some nourishing foot cream.

Note: The recipe above is also beneficial for soothing the pain caused by varicose veins (varicosities) as well as osteochondritis. Simply massage the painful areas with this mixture; this will immediately relieve the pain.

Mixture for removing thick and rough skin off your feet

Instead of using rubbing alcohol or brandy, you can mix 5-6 crushed aspirins with enough lemon juice to get a thick paste. Rub the paste on your feet, then wrap them in some plastic foil, and cover with a warm towel. Or, you can put your socks on. Let it act for 10 minutes before you remove everything and clean your feet with a pumice stone in order to remove the thick skin.

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