Negative Lamp Shape - An Easy And Rich DIY

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Does the title not sound different? 
Ha ha! We are going to see, how making a lamp shade using our negatives by Best Out Of Waste

The photography has changed drastically now a days and there are no more film rolls and negatives involved. All we are left is with some old memories from the past in the form of those negatives! Let's make use of those Negatives today to bring light!


  1.     Negatives
  2.     Transparent plastic pipe
  3.     Glue or mod podge
  4.     Lamp and electric connections  


STEP 1: Collect a transparent plastic base for your lamp holder. You may cut it out from some container. Now measure the negatives to the length of the container and cut them.

STEP 2: Apply an even coat of glue onto the surface and start sticking the negatives in the way you desire.

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STEP 3: Allow to dry and give the required electrical connections in the meantime. Your negative lamp is now ready!

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