Most People Have No Idea That These 10 Foods Come From China

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Everyone knows that cheap plastic products come from China. But did you know that a lot of food comes from China too? This means, just like the products, that the food is of inferior quality, bordering on actually dangerous.
We’re talking about actual plastic rice! Not just unethical, but truly disgusting and flat out inhumane. It doesn’t stop with just rice, here are the foods to look out for.
Foods You Need To Avoid:

1. Tilapia
This is farm-raised China fish that eat pretty much anything and are raised in nasty, dirty water. The seafood farmers in China won’t even allow their own families to eat the fish! Yet America is consuming tilapia, 80% of which comes straight from China!
2. Cod Fish
Same thing with cod. It’s unhealthy, raised in filth, and America gets 50% of its cod from China.
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3. Apple Juice

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Seriously? Yep. China, the largest pesticide producer in the world, sends over so much that 50% of our apple juice is China based and likely pesticide laced. Nasty!
4. Processed Mushrooms
Yep, tainted mushrooms from China, according to U.S. inspectors. They will even sneak in phony labels which read “organic”. 34% of processed mushrooms in America comes straight out of China. You can’t rely on the organic label, so spend more money and support local food growers in your area who grow mushrooms.
5. Chinese Garlic
Garlic is supposed to be healthy, yet if it comes from China it’s likely nasty! It’s sprayed with all kinds of chemicals and preservatives. You’ll notice a nasty aftertaste. And another shocking statistic: 31% of garlic in the U.S. is from China!
6. Chicken

If juice and garlic are nasty, you can imagine how bad Chinese chicken must be. Nevertheless, they approved it for sale in the U.S. back in 2013. Chickens are raised horribly over there and the result is disease promoting birds who can have the avian flu. Of course, there is the sickening pesticides that a lot of their food supply has.
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7. Plastic Rice
It’s made of potatoes… and synthetic resin! Yum! Don’t expect it to soften after boiling, but do expect it to cause cancer in the long term if you keep eating it.
8. Black Pepper (aka Mud)
Yeah, why not? Goes well with the plastic rice, maybe? It was found that one vendor in China actually passed off the mud as black pepper. They also used flour for white pepper. Who knows what other foods are faked.
9. Industrial Salt
This is never meant for humans to consume, it is used for things like getting the mud and soil density right to make oil drilling rigs more efficient. Of course merchants in China don’t give a crap. As a result, you have the industrial stuff being pawned off as table salt. You can look forward to thyroid issues, reproductive problems, and much more when consuming this.
10. Green Peas
Take snow peas, soybeans, a green dye that is a known carcinogen, and sodium metabisulfite (a chemical that’s often used as bleach) and you got yourself some fake green peas that don’t soften when they boil, turn the water a swampy, nasty green color, and provide a whole host of bad health problems. They discovered these phony peas back in 2005.
So, yes, it’s always best, and worth the extra money, to buy locally. There are so many people growing food here in the U.S., that it’s not only the right thing to do to support your local economy, rather than supporting China, but it’s a hell of a lot healthier as well. Could even save your life, especially when it comes to the foods they fake, like the plastic rice.
Share this very important info with all of your friends and family so they are aware of what they are consuming.

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