Most Men Are Scared Of Intelligent Women. THIS Is Why!

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 Intelligence is sexy, what can we say? We love when we can find someone to have deep conversations with about things we normally wouldn't find ourselves discussing with just anyone.

When you finally do stumble across that smart person who knows literally everything about everything, it can prove to be very intimidating at times. We want to impress them and show them we are just as capable as them when it comes to demonstrating our knowledge of the surrounding world.

Regardless of gender, falling in love with an extremely intelligent person can prove to have its benefits as well as problems. Sometimes, depending on the person, they can seem arrogant, condescending, stuck-up, or just someone who rubs you the wrong way. However, if that person loves sharing their perspectives of the world, they can prove to be some of the most amazing people we have ever met in our entire lives.

Intelligent people push our limits, test unknown waters, and explore the mysteries of our souls without effort. It's important that we remain open to the endless possibilities of the world, especially when it comes to exploring these mysteries with someone as intelligent as they are.

Intelligent people are some of the best mentors and teachers when it comes to basic living. They love a good challenge and more often than not love to challenge others in doing the same thing as them. 
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You may also find yourself clinging to them as if they were the only person in your life to show them what the world really looks like. Intelligent people love sharing, but they also love their solitude even more.

There will be times where they will be extremely extroverted and at other times they will turn into an extreme introvert. This is more than okay, as we all need the time and space in order to recuperate from our everyday routines. It can get tiresome being so ridiculously smart!

So, if you ever find yourself falling in love with someone who appears to be one of the most intelligent human beings you've ever met, take things in strides, keep your mind open, and never stop exploring the potential between the two of you.

Love is a fickle emotion, they know this to be true, but they also love being with you so enjoy your time together while you have the chance! Don't think of them as a challenge, but as someone who can show you things you never knew before. 

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