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Moles are common for every person to have them all over their body no matter  where they appear, although exactly that can have a special meaning.

You can find out what your moles mean, according to their position. Some of them are related to a family fortune and some are related to a person’s health.

This Article Will Help You in Finding The Meaning of Your Moles!

1. The mole on the Feet – Having mole on the soles of your feet means that you are a traveler you enjoy traveling and experiencing new cuisines. Also, people having mole on the feet are popular in the workplace and they can be good leaders of their team.

2. Mole on the Palm of Hand – Having mole on the inside of your palm is indicating that you will never have financial problems. That is what makes people having mole on the palm of hand good with the economy and they can easily have a leadership position.

3. The mole on the Cheekbone – This mole position is indicating a powerful position at work and increased wealth.

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4. Mole on the Upper Lip – People that have a mole on the upper lip are popular among their friends and they have great interpersonal skills. Also, they worry about the food and clothing the most.

5. Mole Between the Eye and the Eyebrow – You are easy to adapt and you are really good with people and you can assume a leadership position.

6. Mole Between the Eyebrows – This area is linked with your career development and advancement. It is also indicating that you are able for a promotion.

7. Moles on the Temple – Travel opportunities are linked with this mole position. People having mole on the temple are enjoying traveling no matter what it is for – job or travel for pleasure.

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