5 terrific exercises where you just have to hold still

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These effortless exercises will let you feel magical lightness of body, give you a surge of energy and help you to hone your figure. The main thing here is not to move; everything is done while stationary.

Just hold still in each pose for 5-30 seconds, and do these excercise at least 4-5 times a week.

1. Butterfly wings

Lie on your back. With both knees half bent, raise the small of your back from the floor, supporting yourself against the wall using your right leg. Rest your left foot on your right knee and place your hands on your stomach. Repeat with left leg.

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2. Wind Mill

Place your palm on your stomach. Push your butt against the wall to steady yourself and raise your right leg vertically while keeping your left one as low as you can. Repeat with left leg.

3. Greeting

Raise both legs against the wall, keeping them straight with toes pointing upwards. Only the arms and shoulders can be easily lifted from the floor in this position. Raise your right arm and hold it straight, pointing towards your feet. Rest your left arm on your stomach. Repeat exercise with your left arm.

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4. Scissors

Lift both legs without bending at the knees. Brace your right leg against the wall and pull your left leg forwards while supporting your waist with your palms. Repeat with left leg.

5. Bridge

Lie on a mat with your arms straight, palms down. The tips of your fingers should touch the wall. Place your feet on the wall as high as you can and take your weight on them, tensing your thigh muscles and lifting your back from the floor.

To get the most from these exercises, try to repeat each pose 10 times. You should start to feel and see results after 2 — 3 weeks.

Keep it up, eat right, and you’ll succeed!

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