17 Things A Girl Does That Say She’s Really Into You

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A girl being into you is something that all guys cannot read. These are small signs and tokens of attention that a girl has, which are often overlooked. However, for those guys who really are in love and want her to love you back, these are the signs that you should watch out for. So if you think that she’s into you, here’s what you should be seeing-

She Keeps Asking For Help

She seems to be totally helpless and clueless without you. She needs your help or suggestion in the smallest of things that she does. Totally into you.

Blushes Around You

See that pink blush on her cheek when you are with her. That is not relayed makeup, but a sign that she is blushing. So definitely hooked on you.

Feeds You With Her Hand

Instead of eating herself, the first bite goes into your mouth. If she is feeding you with her hand, then she is obviously in love with you and cares about you.

Cuddles Up With You

She loves to cuddle up with you. Be it a short nap, or a movie or even just lazing around. If she has her arms wrapped around you all the time, she sure is into you.

Counts Petals

If you see her counting petals murmuring something… It simply means she is doing the ‘He loves me… He loves me not’ thing. Oh boy, couldn’t get more serious for her.

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Feels Jealous

Do you see her feeling jealous when you are flirting with other girls or having a very good conversation with her friend. If she is jealous then she is surely in love with you.

Wakes You With A Kiss

Couldn’t get cuter than this. She is waking you up with a kiss that simply makes you think that you are so lucky. And in all probabilities she thinks the same too.

Always Holds Your Hand

She loves holding your hands all the time. Be it in public or even when you are alone. A sure-shot sign that she adores you completely.

Is Not Shy Of Showing Her Affection

For her, kissing or hugging you in front of others is not a big deal. She knows that she is into you and wants the world to know it.

Dresses Up For You

She may roam around with the ‘I don’t care a damn attitude’ everywhere. But when she comes to meet you, she has her makeup on and hair done. And she gets that ridiculously expensive dress for your office party!

Is All Smiles Seeing Your Text

She is all smiles seeing your text or your name on the phone. In fact, she is constantly messaging and texting you randomly too. Her smile stays on till the time you are around her.

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Relationship Status

Her relationship status is already changed, even as you are contemplating on it so you don’t bug her off. The thing is that you should change it now too, because she is surely into you big time.

Goes Camping With You

It is one thing to take a girl on a romantic date and another thing to take her camping. But if she agrees to go with you and is enjoying there too, it is surely because she is crazily into you. No girl pretends to like camping otherwise

Spends Time With Your Mom

What do you think is she doing trying to spend time with your mom. Obviously she is so much into you that she wants every little detail about you. Spending time with your mom is her way of showing that things are serious from her side too.

Cooks For You

She takes pleasure in taking the time out to cook for you and get that little opportunity for spending time with you. So even as you are busy watching the Super Bowl game or doing your work, she doesn’t mind cooking up a meal that says she is all there for you.

Expresses Her Feelings

She says it all to you. Her deepest feeling and emotions too. In fact, she is the most vulnerable when it comes to you and doesn’t mind showing it.

Takes Care of You When Sick

She takes care of you when you are unwell or sick. This is a time when most people would prefer to run away if they were looking for something casual. But if she is hanging around helping you change and takes care of you when you are not well, she is definitely into you. And these are girls who are keepers!

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