13 Normal Things Science Still Doesn’t Have An Explanation For

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Science and technology are marching ahead at breakneck speed. However, there are certain incidents and phenomenon that are literally making science say BRB. These happenings still have science scratching its head as there are no proper researched theories that identify causes and effects.

1. Animal migration

Science still has no answers to why animals migrate. Especially confusing are birds during a particular season, that reach their destination without any tracker or navigation signs.

2. Animals that can live without oxygen

Almost all animals, including micro-organisms, need oxygen to survive. However, the discovery of the new species of bacteria and organisms suggests that oxygen is not the component required for survival.

3. Intuition

Our gut-feeling is always right. Intuition or sixth sense is a mystery to psychologists as there is no specific study to prove how intuition functions.

4. Ghosts

This will always be a hot debate among believers and non-believers. People who claim to have witnessed ghosts believe in their existence, whereas science is of the belief that it’s a mental phenomenon.

5. Aliens and their location

With various UFO sightings and intriguing crop patterns, extra terrestrials is still something science can’t figure out.

6. Magnets and their directions

Scientists still haven’t figured out why magnets have a north and a south pole. Even if you divide the tiniest part of a magnet, it will still have a north and a south pole.

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7. Yawning

Apart from yawning is a sign of boredom, scientists have no clue about what instigates this reaction in our bodies.

8. The Placebo Effect

The Placebo Effect is the belief that a medicine has worked on an ailing body, even if the medicine is inert. Scientists are still trying to figure out how the placebo effect occurs within the human body.

9. The disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle is considered one of the most mysterious locations on earth. The disappearances of planes and ships has made this place even more dangerous and intriguing. Till date, there is no official reason as to why things disappear when they enter this zone.

10. Why there are more right-handed people in the world 

Scientists still haven’t figured out why the majority of us prefer using our right hand over our left. Many believe that the reason dates back to evolution, but there is still no study that suggests why there are less left handed people in the world.

11. Crooked Forest

Botanists have no answer behind the mysterious Crooked Forest in Poland where around 400 pine trees took a detour and grew in a weird shape.

12. A tomato has more genes than a human

A tiny looking tomato has more genes than any of us. Unbelievable, right? Well, tomatoes have 31,760 genes which is 7,000 more than human beings. Scientists still haven’t figured out what this paradox really is.

13. The bottom of the Black Hole

Physicists around the world are still trying to figure out the black hole and what lies beneath. There’s one question raised that’s baffled physicists – what would happen if a person falls into the black hole? Apart from not coming back, which is the apparent answer, there is no specific theory on this till date.

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