You Won’t Believe These 10 Clever Tricks Advertisers Use To Fool Us

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Seeing, they say, is believing. We respectfully disagree. One needs to be extra cautious in today’s age of relentless advertising. Appearance is everything and that apparently holds true for food as well. The prettier, the better.
Have you ever wondered why that burger doesn’t look half as tempting in real life? Or why that cereal looks so different from the one they show ads? Well, the answer is simple; it’s photography. And a bag full of intelligent tricks. Like these ones right here. Check ’em out.

1. They add antacids to soft drinks to make them look fizzy.

So that’s what makes them go all bubbly! Beneath all those bubbles and tempting froth are actually antacids! Smart bwoy!

2. They heat up wet cotton balls to get that tempting steam.

Food looks even more tempting if it’s hot, isn’t it? However, there are other ways to get that tempting steam.
Like heating up some some wet cotton balls, and then smartly placing them behind the food tray and allowing the steam to slowly rise up.

The result is something like this…

3. They use hair spray and deodorant to make vegetables and fruits look fresh.
And you thought that ‘freshness’ was natural? Awww! Of course not! It’s hair spray (and occasionally deodorant) that makes the veggies and fruits look ‘fresh’.

4. See that ‘ice-cream’ on those ice-cream cones? That’s actually mashed potatoes.
Logic behind using mashed potatoes; real ice cream would melt in a second under the hot lights. Seems legit.

5. They use brown shoe polish to colour the hamburger buns.

Wow! No wonder a regular bun looks so pale in comparison!

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6. Want the plate and food to stay in a particular position? Allow clay to help you out.

While photographing, the angle is everything. However, some angles are hard to achieve. Because gravity.
Hence, photographers often use clay to hold the plate and food in the required position.

7. See that ‘milk’ in the cereal bowl? It’s actually glue.

Because milk would make the cereal all soggy. Glue, on the other hand, makes the cereal flakes look fresh.

8. Think shampoo can give you that beautiful hair? Think again.

It’s actually hair extensions. And lots of air and blow dryer.

9. Ice cubes? More like plastic cubes.

Those ice cubes look eerily perfect, don’t they? And they never seem to melt. Well, that’s because they aren’t ice cubes in the first place.
They’re made up of 100% plastic that gives them their uniform size.

10. They stuff chicken with paper towels to make it look fatter and plumper.

And you cursed your culinary skills for not getting that perfect chicken roast. Turns out, it’s often stuffed with paper towels and left undercooked in the photographs to make it look fatter and juicier.

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