You Think This Woman Had Plastic Surgery? Look A Little Closer.

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If there’s one figure many feminists have been fighting for forever, it’s the Barbie doll.
Featuring a whole slew of “perfect” and sometimes impossible features it really should come as no surprise how in-the-spotlight it’s been through the years. But a bit more recently they’ve been getting a whole hell of a lot of PR because of one young woman…

Meet Lolita Richi, an 18-year-old girl from Kiev, Ukraine who just happens to look, well, exactly like you’d expect a Barbie doll come to life would: the puffy, almost pouty lips; the ridiculously tiny waist with a massive bust and even the small, button nose.
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So, how much do you think she and her family have spent in order for her to look like this? Well the actual answer might come as a bit of a shock – $0. They didn’t spend a single penny, well, excluding the costs of raising her.

The only thing about her that’s fake are the colored contacts she uses for certain photographs, but otherwise she just coincidentally looks like the iconic girl’s toy.

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The odd look has garnered her the attention from her hometown residents, but thanks to social media she’s managed to become somewhat of an online sensation.

She’s even been asked about her body before, and how she’s managed to get it to look that way and it turns out she doesn’t really do anything special at all! Some people are just born lucky, I guess!
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