Top 5 Tips for Staying Safe Online

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As most people nowadays like to go online on doing things from searching for something to selling something, then many people is trying to use the bad way to eliminate their competitors. One of them is plant the virus to their competitor’s computer, or even hack their account. Now the question is how to stay safe while browsing on the internet. Well, here are at least 5 tips for staying safe online. 

1. Use Anti-virus

The first thing that comes to in our mind when it comes to the kind of safe online is to use the Anti-virus to protect the devices from getting broken due to the virus or the hacker. Of course, the kind of Anti-virus that we use must also be great and well-recommended by those experts in the kind of technology. There are many kinds of well-known and recommended by the expert when it comes to the Anti-virus. It can be found on the internet, or you may as well ask your technician to help you find the right one.

2. Use Google Chrome

The next thing that can be used as one of the 5 tips for staying safe online, it is to use the Google chrome. As we all know, this is the very popular and many people have been recommending this kind of search engine. One of the reasons is that this software can help you to stay safe online. That is because there are some kinds of add or some features that can protect your computer from getting a virus from the internet. Besides, this search engine is also known to be faster than the others.

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3. Avoid any link or attachment from unknown email

You might have heard about spam from somewhere? Well, it is one of the kind of link or the kind of attachment from unknown email that happens to be received on your email address. It is very dangerous. Not all the time, but mostly, this is one of the ways people would spread the virus to your computer or even to your account, whatever it is, it could be your email account, or your social media account. Of course you do not want that to happen, right? That is why you need to be sure to avoid those kinds of things. It is one of the 5 tips for staying safe online.

4. Stay away from the free things

One of the marketing ways which is very annoying is the kind of spam or the kind of email that offering us the free things, or if you happen to open some kinds of sites that offers you the free things, then be sure to not click on it or register because it is the kind of chance for your computer or account to have the virus or getting hacked. This happens to be among the 5 tips for staying safe online you need to stay alert.

5. Use a firewall

Another tip on the 5 tips for staying safe online is to use a firewall to protect your computer from getting the virus. As we all know, once your laptop gets virus you will find it difficult to access this or that on your computer. You might even spread the virus on your account, whether it is your email or other social media.

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