Reasons Why Staying Healthy Is Important In Your Marriage


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Marriage is an ancient thing, yet it is also quite prone to change over the centuries. In the modern age, people are finding that poor health is becoming a greater liability to a long and healthy life. But it can also be a liability to a long and healthy marriage. Stress and health problems stemming from extensive inactivity can put a massive amount of undue strain on a marriage. There are a number of reasons staying healthy is important in your marriage, and each of them alone is a good reason to try and get in better shape.

1. Energy to Spare

It’s a simple fact of life that people who regularly exercise have more energy to spare. This is even more of a truth if they keep on their exercise program with a great deal of consistency. While it sounds counter intuitive for working out to give you more energy, the fact is, the body grows and expands when exercised, and this includes its capacity to work harder and longer. While increased energy sounds like a solitary benefit, in a marriage, increased energy is always a good thing. Having more energy to spend with your partner and less time spent recovering from daily life is a good way to grow closer to them. Even better, the pressure of daily exhaustion is a strain on any marriage later in life. An increased pool of energy, eases this strain.

2. Less Stress

In a similar vein, people who get more exercise are generally less stressed out than people with more sedentary lifestyles. Exercise of all sorts is a great way to ease pressure from your work and home life alike, even if it’s as relaxed as a casual jog around the block at dusk. As anyone with a long time marriage will tell you, stress on one partner often becomes stress on the other. This, in turn, tends to create stress on a marriage. While it’s not a guaranteed destruction of the relationship, marriages are a lot easier on everybody when there’s less stress going around. Regular exercise is a great way to lower the strain of modern living on both partners.
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3. Improved Confidence

Confidence not only creates marriages, but it also maintains them. The best way to gain confidence is to work hard and achieve things that mean a lot to us personally. While success at work and winning the support of the people around us helps, the best source of confidence is to set a reasonable goal, achieve it and then repeat the process until confidence sets in. While any reasonable goal will do, from taking up painting to eating healthier, exercise is a very good option as it usually requires nothing but time and determination. If you can maintain a regular exercise schedule, you’ll start feeling like you can accomplish even greater things. Among those things you will feel you can accomplish is standing by your partner even when things are rougher than usual.

4. Increasing Intimacy

Some of the most pleasurable benefits come from being in good shape. Confidence and increased energy as well as sincere attraction tend to create a perfect storm of increased physical intimacy between partners. If your body is in good shape and you feel great about it, physical intimacy comes far easier and far more naturally. By feeling good about your own body, you might find yourself more willing to share it with your partner in ways that both of you will find exhilarating yet comfortable. While the physical elements of a marriage are not the prime reason to get in better shape, they can certainly serve as a wonderful encouragement to keep on the path to better health.

5. Camaraderie

Exercise for either partner is great, but the best solution is for both partners to exercise together. Not only does this extend the benefits of improved health and confidence to both partners inside the relationship, but the fact that you are all in together tends to strengthen the relationship as a whole. The time spent exercising together is a very good time in a relationship because endorphins are being released while you work out, meaning that the time spent exercising with your partner will genuinely be more comfortable and fulfilling than most other forms of togetherness.
Staying healthy is always important, but the benefits of doing so when you are in a relationship are certainly worth considering. Take up an exercise program, put on those running shoes or simply find ways to increase activity in your day to day life. Your body will thank you, and your partner will too.
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