If You Like To Eat Baby Carrots, Stop It Immediately. It Can Make You Very Sick. Here’s Why…

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If you want to get your beta carotene in, then carrots are the go-to food to consume. And if you want the most convenient form of carrot consumption, then nothing beats baby carrots. They are tiny, easy to pack in a lunch, and you can gobble them right up!

Indeed, they are very popular in the U.S. Due to their convenience, making them a great and healthy snack for both adults and especially kids.

Well, maybe not.

Ever wonder where baby carrots come from? Aren’t they just some small breed of carrots that naturally grow small?

Turns out baby carrots were invented in 1986. A farmer took all of his odd and ill-shaped carrots, shaved them down to a small size. He then called them baby carrots.

Fast forward to today. How things that are supposed to be so safe, simple and natural, end up this complicated and potentially harmful are hard to digest. Nevertheless, it turns out that today’s baby carrots are doused in a chlorine bath in order to get all the germs off them. These germs form from the machines used to cut and shave them.

Naturally, nobody wants to eat chemical laced food. Especially a vegetable which is supposed to be as natural as they come.
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Regular carrots are just as good as the baby variety and are super healthy without the chlorine douse factor. Here’s what ½ cup of chopped carrot will provide:

  • 210% daily dosage of vitamin A
  • 10% vitamin K
  • 6% vitamin C
  • 2% calcium

They are also packed with antioxidants. These can help prevent cancer. They have falcarinol which is a natural toxin, and it will protect against fungal diseases.

Here’s a few other carrot benefits:

Memory improvement.
Liver protection (help protect from toxic effects from chemicals).

Carrots are indeed awesome, just make sure you stay away from the baby carrot versions and instead go with the full size.
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