5 Life hacks to make your daily life easier

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We all know that life often presents many inconveniences that always struck on us each and every day. From an open zipper fly right that can cause embarrassment to an untrustworthy friends who borrow your stuffs without ever returning it back. These little things may seem trivial and neglect able at the first glance, but what if you could cope with these pesky little things in a relatively simple manner? This is what this article attempts to inform you, where we will list top 5 life hacks that can make your life easier.
So without further ado, let’s get on into it:

1. A friendly reminder

Sometimes you will forget that you have ever lent something to your friends, where they even might have already forgotten that they have borrowed one in the first place. That is why it is recommended that you took a picture of your friends along with the items that he borrowed. That way, your friend cannot evade the question when you want to have your item back.

2. Cleaner trash bin removal

You will notice that sometimes strange liquid will ooze down or even dripping from the plastic bag that carries wet rubbish such as juice waste or sappy dregs.  To remedy this, you should put an old newspaper right on the bottom of the bin to absorb any smelly liquids for cleaner trash bin removal.
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3. Fresh smelling dirty clothes

You will be bound on packing several dirty clothes when you are travelling for days. To prevent your suitcase compartment to smell like sweat, you should put the scented soap right on the same place as your dirty laundry. The fresh smell of the soap will help your suitcase to stay fresh even for several days before returning home.

4. Very loud alarm clock

It is common for heavy sleepers to doze off even after setting up an alarm clock to the highest volume. If you need a higher alarm volume, you can put your phone inside the glass cup. The cone shapes that glass cup provide will greatly amplify the alarm sound.

5. Keep your crotch gate closed

When you wear jeans, it is common to find that your zipper fly to come down without you realizing. To keep your barn gate closed, attach a key ring to the zipper fly and hang it with your jeans button. No matter what kind of movement you make, your jeans fly will kept shut safely.
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