17 Street Dogs Killed In Kolkata Because They Were Not Beautiful Enough For A Residential Complex

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Unlike other places, a posh residential complex in Diamond City, Kolkata takes their “appearance” too seriously. The residents of the complex kept complaining about the number of ugly street dogs that kept roaming in their compound and when efforts by the security guards to keep them off the premises did not have the required effect, they employed a few outsiders to “take care” of the matter.

Gopa Ganguly – a resident of the posh complex – noticed that some of the stray dogs that were spotted here, had not been for the past few weeks. Soon, another resident reported having spotted a few men trying to take away a puppy in a gunny bag. She confronted the men who dropped the bags and ran off. The resident found another dog tied up in the gunny bag.
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The word spread around the complex and it was discovered that a few residents had been illegally torturing, relocating and in all probability killing the strays to keep their complex “neat”.

To gather evidence, Gopa Ganguly, started documenting the movements of the men and the dogs. She was soon threatened to stop doing so and her teenage daughter was harassed and forced to stay out of the complex. The police was called in to intervene and the girl managed to get home.

16 dogs had been killed, one dog rescued from inside a gunny bag died within hours of the rescue.

According to Shalmali Basu, “Next day the various NGOs of the city filed an FIR against the authorities of the said complex and a dog-loving minister, Debasree Roy, came to talk to the residents along with around 30 dog lovers. As soon as she left, a few of the residents got violent. One man tore up a female protesters Salwar during the scuffle and even gave her a bleeding ear. Another female protester’s phone was smashed to pieces when she tried taking a video. One particular lady even declared that they did the right thing killing the dogs and will again do so if another dog enters their complex.”

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“Later the residents filed a complaint alleging that the animal lovers were hired goons brought by the minister. I was there and so were my friends and we are not associated with any political party and nor were we paid to attend,” she stated.

On being approached, the residents who filed the complaint against the animal-lovers claimed that the dogs were sent with permission from the Kolkata Municipal Corporation but the KMC has denied knowledge of any such permits.

The animal lovers have even tried to organize a candlelight protest of the vicious attack on the dogs, but it had to be called off when the police was tipped off about a possible violent outburst at such an event. No action has been taken on the residents of the Diamond City complex so far, but the police is looking for more clues to connect the residents who working on the case.
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