Woman Techie Alleges Harassment By Scientist Husband Despite ‘Passing’ Virginity Test!

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Two months prior to her wedding, 31-year-old Megha, a software engineer, was asked to undergo a virginity test so that her husband-to-be, a scientist, could assess her “honor”. She felt humiliated, but instead of refusing to undergo the discriminatory test, she agreed. And soon enough she was taken to a hospital in Rajajinagar by her two to-be sisters-in-law. The results showed that she had “passed” the test and the marriage took place. That was in 2011.
The fact that her husband was responsible for her ordeal should have alerted her of his distrustful ways. But Megha, by undergoing the test, had, perhaps, emboldened him.
He continued to suspect her of cheating on him. His insecurity manifested itself in several ways and he constantly harassed her mentally. Almost five years later, Megha approached the police seeking action against her husband and her in-laws for supporting him.
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The police has now booked a case of dowry harassment against them. According to the police, the couple got in touch through a matrimonial website in 2011. The scientist was pursuing his PhD at a university abroad. He had come to India on a holiday and the two were engaged.
After their engagement, Megha’s fiance, she says, saw some of her pictures on Facebook — she had posted many photographs with her friends. After seeing those pictures, her fiance insisted she undergo the virginity test if she wanted to get married to him, Megha said.

“I was shocked at first. I wanted to tell them that I was a virgin. But had I refused to take the test, they would have doubted me. And since I was engaged to him, I agreed to undergo the test,”

After the wedding, Megha moved abroad to live with her husband. But he continued to suspect her. An officer who is part of the investigation told the Mirror on condition of anonymity.
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“She has alleged that harassing her would give her husband some kind of sadistic pleasure. She has also alleged that her in-laws harassed her for dowry,”

Megha also told the police that her husband had a habit of stealing valuables while shopping and at hotel and resorts. He also allegedly forced her to steal items. The police have sent notices to Megha’s husband and the other accused.
The officer added.

“In such cases, there are clear directions from the Supreme Court to hear the version of those against whom allegations have been levelled. The final call will be taken only after statements of both the parties are recorded. We are contemplating counselling for the couple so that the wedding is not called off. The woman can still withdraw her complaint by approaching the court,”

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