These 11 People Have Real Life Superpowers. Did Someone Say X-Men?

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If there ever was a time to ominously say the words, “They walk among us”, it’s now. There’s your regular, everyday people like you and me, and then there’s people who have somehow managed to go above and beyond the limitations of a human body and mind with startling results. Sometimes it’s genetic, and sometimes it’s through a process of intense and mysterious training. Either way, there are some people in the world who almost prove that superhuman powers can be real.
Check them out!

1. Liew Thow Lin

Liew’s skin has a suction effect which acts like a magnet for all kinds of objects.
Malaysian ‘Magnet Man’ Liew Thow Lin has the unique ability to stick metal objects in his body. I’m not just talking about the solitary spoon on the nose either, Liew can straight up stick objects weighing up to 36 Kg on his body. Scientists have found that he’s not actually magnetic, however, his skin just exhibits very high levels of friction leading to a ‘suction effect’.

2. Veronica Seider

Veronica has eyesight 20 times better than the average human.
In 1972, it was reported that a girl named Veronica Seider from the University of Stuttgart had visual abilities 20 times better than an average person. This meant she could literally identify a face 1.6 Km away. The regular eye can barely see details like that from 20 feet away!

3. Kevin Richardson

Kevin can tame almost any animal in the world including lions and hyenas.
This South African animal behaviorist is a bonafide animal whisperer. Using almost nothing more than his gut instinct and a seriously good understanding of animals, Kevin has been accepted into numerous prides of lions as well as clans of hyenas.
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4. Liam Hoekstra

Liam could pick up, two 20kg dumbbells by the age of 3 and will always have a high muscle definition regardless of what he eats
He could do an iron cross when he was just 5 months old, and at the age of 3, Liam had 40% body muscle and minimal amounts of fat. Due to a rare condition called Muscle hypertrophy, Liam’s body builds muscle fast while inhibiting body fat, and amazingly, he faces no side effects from the condition. He could effortlessly pick up, two 20 kilo dumbbells at the age of four!

5. Dean Karnazes

Dean can run marathons for days on end with no need for sleep.
In 2005, Dean ran 560 km in 80 hours and 44 minutes without any sleep. He once also ran a marathon a day for 50 consecutive days. He is able to do this due to his superior muscles that don’t tire in the same manner that normal human muscles do.

6. Isao Machii

Isao’s reflexes are so advanced he can literally slice a bullet in half midair using a sword.
Isao is a Japanese Iaido master, which basically means he’s totally mental with a sword in his hands. He even holds numerous Guinness world records for his abilities, and it’s said he has the quickest reflexes in the world. Watch his video of him cutting a BB gun bullet in half midair in YouTube!

7. Wim Hof

Wim can turn up his body heat to withstand freezing temperatures.
You might remember seeing this guy in an episode of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Wim Hof, nicknamed ‘The Iceman’ (not to be confused with the hitman), can control his autonomous nervous system to withstand extreme cold. He’s climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro wearing only shorts, completed a marathon in -20 degrees and even stayed immersed in ice for 1 hour and 13 minutes.

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8. Daniel Tammet

Daniel has a highly advanced memory and can actually see and feel numbers.
Daniel Tammet’s powers of memory are so advanced, he can recite the value of pi to over 22,000 digits and can learn a language in less than a week. Daniel is an autistic savant, which means a person with a mental disability who also has prodigious mental talents. He has explained that he can memorize so much thanks to a form of synesthesia where he can feel and see the numbers up to 10,000.

9. Natasha Demkina

Natasha can see inside a person’s body for a few seconds and give them medical advice.
Since the age of ten, Natasha has been able to use a form of x-ray vision with her eyes where she can tell what’s inside a person’s body. A Discovery Channel documentary even showed Demkina successfully identifying all the fractures and metal pins in a woman who had recently been a victim of a car crash.

10. Velu Rathakrishnan

Velu can pull trains weighing hundreds of tonnes using only his teeth.
In 2003, Velu Rathakrishnan used his teeth to pull two KTM commuter trains, with a total weight of 260.8 tonnes, a distance of 13 ft 9 in along rails at Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. Apparently, he got the power to do this from an Indian guru, who taught him to channel all his power to a single part of his body.

11. Zhao Rui

Zhao can hold a running electric drill to his head and can bend metal bars with his throat.
24-year-old Shaolin monk is a bit of a celebrity in his home town thanks to the incredible feats he performs. His martial arts training has allowed him to hold a running electric drill to his head without leaving anything other than a red mark. He can also bend steel rods using just his throat. These monks are at a whole different level!

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