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Poor circulation is a common health issue affecting people of all ages. There are many contributors to this condition, but the most common include inactivity and poor diet. In reality, modern life has come down to eating ready-made meals, which are often depleted of nutrients, and spending every spare minute in front of the TV or laptop. This actually excludes healthy nutrition and physical activity, the two staples of good overall health.

It’s no wonder blood circulation is one of the first affected segments of a sedentary lifestyle. But, the problem doesn’t stop here as poor circulation triggers other health issues. Aside from your tissues not getting enough oxygen and nutrients, your bloodstream also becomes loaded with fat and cholesterol that clog your arteries in time.

The exercises we recommend here are extremely beneficial for improving blood circulation. If you combine these with a well-balanced diet, you’ll treat this condition in no time.

1# Stretching

Stretching your body immediately after getting up will significantly improve your circulation at the start of the day.

2# Neck Exercises

Doing some slow movements with your head such as turning your head to the left and holding the position for a few seconds, then doing the same with your right, as well as moving your head slowly up and down, sticking your chin to chest for about 10 times is great to improve blood flow in your neck and brain.
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3# Lizards

To improve blood flow in your arm, we recommend 10 pushups in the morning, ideally after having a shower.

4# Hand Exercises

Your fingers are often most affected with poor circulation, thus cold hands. That’s why we recommend 10 repetitions of this simple exercise – stretch out your hands and fingers in full then make a fist pushing hard. This will relieve any cramping in your hands.

5# Hikes

Regular walks 2-3 times a week will drastically improve circulation in your legs.

6# Dance

Dancing or dance therapy is becoming an increasingly popular and helpful method to relieve stress and improve blood flow all over your body because it actually involves your whole body.

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