7 Signs That Your Body Is Deficient in Protein

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Protein plays an important part of our nutrition. They provide energy, regenerate the body and give a feeling of satiety. They are made of amino acids, which are crucial for the muscles. The human body produces 11 out of 20 amino acids it needs for proper function. This means that the remaining 9 amino acids must be supplied through nutrition.

If you experience any of the following 7 symptoms, it means that you don’t consume enough protein and are at risk of developing serious health problems.

1. You are hungry all the time

If you don’t eat enough protein with your meals, you’ll experience constant hunger, which will make you eat all the time. This can easily lead to unwanted weight gain.

2. You often feel muscle pain

Sharp and frequent pain in your muscles or muscle exhaustion are an indicator that your muscles are overworked because they lack protein.

3. Your injuries heal slowly

Protein is vital for new cells to be created in the body and skin to regenerate easily. Lack of protein will slow down the healing of wounds and injuries.
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4. You have brittle hair and nails and scaly skin

Intensive hair loss, brittle nails and skin that peels off are common signs that your body lacks protein.

5. You retain liquids

Water retention can make your ankles and feet feel very uncomfortable, even painful. Protein deficiency is a common cause of this condition.

6. You often get sick

As proper immune function largely depends on protein, lack of this nutrient will seriously affect your immune response to common viruses and bacteria.

7. You lack mental energy

If you lack mental focus and clarity, it’s often a sign that you don’t get enough protein.

Protein deficiency can occur in everyone. This health issue is best addressed with proper and well-balanced nutrition. The recommended daily requirement for this nutrient is 0.36g per pound of body weight. This means a person weighing 150 pounds should eat 55g of protein a day.

The best dietary sources of protein include eggs, meat, oats, fruit, vegetables, soy and dairy.

Although you can opt for over-the-counter supplements too, getting protein from your diet is the best and healthiest option.
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