22 Types Of Coffee Around The World And How They’re Made

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Because we all love coffee! In all shapes, sizes, temperatures, looks, flavours, and places. Coffee isn’t just a beverage, it is a way of life. But have you ever wondered how so many of your favourite drinks at your local Starbucks are made? If you could, how would you gather the ingredients and prepare the delicious kinds caffeine nirvana at home?
We debug the best for you.

To get to the bottom of this, we need to clear some concepts and words so that you know exactly what we’re talking about.
Espresso – Espresso is the crux of literally any coffee over the world. It mostly means ‘pressed out,’ according to some Anglo-American dictionaries, owing to the fact that it is made by passing nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee beans.
French press coffee – This is different from Espresso with regards to preparation. A french press is a device in which finely ground coffee is added and hot water is poured on top. After staying still for 2-4 minutes, a plunger is pressed hard, so that the ground coffee’s essence is more released as it seeps into the water, and the brew is poured out.

Right, so now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the real stuff.

1. Espresso

Espresso as a standalone coffee is served everywhere. It contains literally the basic essence. Coffee and water. No strings attached.
Ideal serving: 30ml Espresso in a 90ml cup.

2. Doppio

Doppio in Italian literally means ‘double.’ It is a double shot of Espresso coffee.
Ideal serving: 60ml Espresso in a 90ml cup.

3. Macchiato

Macchiato in Italian means ‘stained.’ This is because a serving of Macchiato is a normal Espresso shot with a little-foamed milk on the top.
The ideal serving: 30ml Espresso + Foamed milk on top in a 90ml cup.
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4. Cappuccino

Everyone’s favorite and the most well-known and standard coffee drink, cappuccino contains more milk-to-coffee ratio.
The ideal serving: 60ml Espresso + 60ml steamed milk + 60ml foamed milk (in that order) in a 200ml cup.

5. Flat White

A slight variation of the more generalized Cappucino, a Flat White is a no-nonsense Cappuccino with double the amount of milk as compared to coffee.
The ideal serving: 60ml Espresso + 120ml steamed milk in a 200ml cup.

6. Café au Lait

Café au Lait literally means ‘coffee with milk.’ It is a French press coffee preparation with equal amounts coffee brew and scalded milk. Scalded milk is milk that is heated to 82° C to kill off bacteria and remove many proteins.
Ideal serving: 90ml French press coffee + 90ml scalded milk in a 200ml cup.

7. Turkish

The Turkish like their coffee light and sweet. Hence, a majority of this coffee is sugar water.
The ideal serving: 10g (or 2 tsp.) ground coffee + 180ml sugar water + köpük (foam) (in that order) in a 200ml cup.

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8. Irish

The Irish sure know to stir things up and making literally any dish or drink interesting. Ever heard whiskey in the coffee? Yep! This is the one.
The ideal serving: 5g (or 1 tsp.) brown sugar + 120ml French press coffee + 60ml Irish whiskey + 75ml heavy cream (in that order) in a 250ml glass.

9. Americano

Those who say they like their coffee black talk about Café Americano. If you might have seen in Western media, Americans like to drink their coffee straight out of the pot.
Ideal serving: 60ml Espresso + 120ml hot water in a 200ml cup.

10. Long Black

In essence, Long Black and Café Americano are the same thing, but it makes a world of difference to coffee connoisseurs.
Ideal serving: 120ml hot water + 60ml Espresso (yes, in that order) in a 200ml cup.

11. Vienna Mocha

Or simply known as Vienna Coffee, this coffee is a fun-loving twist to your regular Espresso shot. What’s the twist, you ask? WHIPPED CREAM!
The ideal serving: 60ml Espresso + Whipped cream on the top in a 150ml cup.

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