This Is What Happens When You Put A Piece Of Onion In Your Ear

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When it comes to trying to cure your body of whatever may be ailing you, the closer you can stay to something natural, the better. Mother Nature has a lot to offer when it comes to the more day-to-day afflictions. As science advances, it too has started to look towards nature for remedies. For instance, scientific study has concluded that turmeric is an incredibly powerful, natural anti-inflammatory.
Onions are another wonder of nature, and probably a good deal more familiar to a lot of folks. Most people know them only as an essential ingredient for a majority of savory dishes and also for how they make you cry when you’re chopping them, but did you know this humble root vegetable can be used for all sorts of other health purposes?

1. Cough syrup.

Granted, they won’t make your breath smell as great as a menthol Halls, but onions are still an incredibly effective cough medicine. Learn to make onion cough syrup here.

2. Cooling down a fever.

A Piece Of Onion2
Although a cold bath is the traditional way of cooling fevers down, it can be pretty hard to get a kid to do it (I’m an adult and i’d still be super reluctant). Instead, have them go to bed with some nice clean socks on and some onion slices inside. Then apply an apple cider vinegar-soaked cloth to their foreheads and watch as the fever starts to come down.

3. Clear your sinuses.

A Piece Of Onion3

That same pungency that makes you cry when you chop onions will help clear out your sinuses and cure a common cold in no time. Brew an onion tea or just eat a raw onion and you should start feeling better in a few hours.

4. Cure earaches.

Earaches are the worst. Get rid of that pounding in your head by putting an onion in your ear overnight. It’s a great anti-inflammatory and will greatly decrease the pain as well as soften up the earwax.

5. Use the tears for something good.

A Piece Of Onion5

Everyone knows onions make you cry so if you ever find something stuck in there, why not try chopping an onion to try to cry it out?

6. Keep yourself “skin-tact.”

A Piece Of Onion6
If you have a cut, skip the Neosporin. Grab some onion skins as shown here seal the wound (after cleaning) with them. The skins stop the bleeding fast and help the healing process.

7. Improve surgical scars.

A Piece Of Onion7

Research has found that onion extracts help improve the color of various types of surgical scars. Apply onion extracts to scars with a cotton swab several times a day.

8. Onion paste fights infections.

A Piece Of Onion8

If you’ve got an infection somewhere, onions can help. Here’s what you do:

1. Boil some milk and pour it over a slice of white bread.
2. Grate an onion onto this mixture.
3. Mash it all into a paste.
4. Clean the infected area and apply onion paste. Let sit for at least 2-3 hours.

9. Heal burns faster.

A Piece Of Onion9

If you’ve got a little burn (or sunburn) apply an onion slice to the area and leave for 2 minutes (a full back like this may call for a salad’s worth of slices). Then apply egg whites to the area and wrap with gauze. The burn will heal faster and have less scarring

10. Thwart bee stings.

A Piece Of Onion10
If you’ve been stung by a bee or other insect, brush off the stinger immediately and then apply a slice of white onion to the area. It’ll draw out the venom, reduce swelling and speed healing.
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