10 Smartest People on the Earth

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Every now and then history has the tendency to surprise us with some exceptional talents that have made others look tremendously ordinary and often primitive. Ranging from gifted child prodigies to inquisitive minds, all of them make up the extraordinary population variance of mankind. Below mentioned are 10 such individuals who belong to the mentioned category and have managed to mesmerize people with their exceptional talent and groundbreaking works.

Albert Einstein

The German theoretical physicist Albert Einstein doesn’t need any introduction. He was one of the greatest minds of all time and certainly one of the smartest people, if not the smartest, the world has ever witnessed. With his theory of relativity and quantum mechanics, he shook the sphere of science from top to bottom. The Nobel laureate with an IQ level of 190, its very rare for a man to actually have an intelligence like that and also an honest intention to help guide mankind in the proper path and enable them to use the otherwise unappreciated, ever present energy to its full potential.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla, the inventor of the modern day AC current, was an under-rated yet absolute genius. A futurist scientist with a vision way ahead of the time he lived in, possessed an amazing vision for future scientific advancement and had a staggering 700 patents to his name.

Garry Kasparov

The multi talented Russian is widely regarded as the world’s greatest chess player of all times having won the no. 1 title for an amazing 225 times. The youngest World Chess Champion at an age of 22, is the accredited world record holder for winning the most number of Chess Oscars and for grabbing most consecutive match wins. Not only an undisputed champion among humans, the man with an IQ level of 190, have also drawn a chess competition match with a computer that can calculate an astounding 3 million different moves in a second.

Stephen Hawking

After being diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), where people are not expected to live more than 20-25 years at max, he survived with complete paralysis and still recorded an astounding IQ of 154! He mathematically proved the real existence of singularities proposed by Einstein himself. In addition to providing the theory of everything by combining general relativity with quantum theory, the theoretical physicist and cosmologist, showed physical conditions are not barriers in fulfilling one’s dream by providing the big bang theory, the black hole theory even before the discovery of Cygnus X-1 and also the unheard concept of black hole radiation.

Galileo Galilei

The Italian astronomic genius is a deserving addition to the list. The inventor of the space telescope, revolutionized the subject of astronomy by figuring out the basic concept of Earth’s rotation. In an era of very little technological advancement, he managed to build a space telescope and also without the help of any external satellite image and just by observing the star's trajectory, he went against the traditional belief and elucidated the basic concept of Earth’s rotating around the Sun instead of the other way round by sitting on Earth itself.

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Kim Ung-Yong

Currently, a faculty in the Chungbuk National University, the South Korean child prodigy and civil engineer Kim Ung-Yong, is enlisted in Guinness book of world records with an IQ of 210. He was able to speak fluently at the age of six months and was invited as a guest student in Physics at Hanyang University when he was of 3 years age. He was able to memorize 2000 words in both German and English at an age of 4 and was solving differential equations at an age of 5. Enlisted 23rd on the Who’s Who list and selected as 21st top scientist in the world as on 2000, he is an exceptional talent to say the least.

Charles Darwin

Although there are plenty of antagonists to his pioneering work on Evolution, Charles Darwin nevertheless was an exceptional talent who sets the platform for evolutionary biological research and also paleontology. Just by observing different terrestrial life forms and by following their food habits and surrounding habitat, he came up with the explanation of their physical, anatomical structures of animals and also with the exceptional theory of evolution, that too by belonging to one particular era and predicting, often correctly, about the predecessors.

Christopher Hirata

The child prodigy with a recorded IQ of 225, completed his graduations with physics when he was 12. At an age of 13, he was the youngest winner of the gold medal in the International Physics Olympiad. By the age of 16, he was working on a project regarding colonization on Mars with the NASA! The outstanding astrophysicist and cosmologist, completed his PhD in astrophysics at 22 years of age.

Terence Tao

With an IQ Level of nearly 230, the child prodigy mathematical genius from the Australian-American origin is the youngest winner of all three Olympiad medals. Starting out in mathematics at an tender age of 9 years, he received both the Bachelors and Masters degree at an age of 16. At an age of 20, he received his Ph.D. and joined as the youngest ever professor at UCLA at an age of 24.

William James Sidis

The man with the highest recorded IQ level, i.e. nearly 300, Sidis was a mathematical genius and an American child prodigy who graduated at an age of mere six and half years and at an age of 11 mastered in over 40 languages from Harvard University. He initially started his career as a faculty in Texas, but soon after he switched to take political career and also went on to write several books under pseudonyms.
Although there are several others with intelligence quotient similar to the ones mentioned in the above list, but going by the smartness and also by the magnitude of their contribution for the welfare of mankind, the above mentioned ones leave others behind to fit into the list of exceptional talents in the world has ever seen.
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