What’s Your Personality Type According to the Way You Hold Your Fist?

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Many psychologists confirmed that people express their personalities through nonverbal cues. “Studies in Expressive Movement” is the most famous book about this phenomenon, which was written in 1993 by Gordon Allport and Phillip Vernon.  The researches found that they could use body language in order to determine if people were extroverts of introverts. Also, they could deduce if test subjects had type A or B personalities seen from the speed of their movements.

Our bodies have so much power to express people’s personalities. So don’t be surprised while reading that hand movements can actually reveal our inner personality traits. If you want to know what personality type you are, make a fist without thinking about it it or looking at your hand. Then, check what kind of fit your body makes in a natural way. There are three common ways which are associated with three different characteristics.

1. Thumb On Top

If you make this type of fist, with your fingers clenched and thumb resting relaxed on top of your hand, you are a sensitive, insecure external person. You have a strong imagination, you are a very curious person with an ironic sense of humor. Internally, you crave for protection and respect is the way you want to be treated with. In romantic relationships, it’s hard for you to express your emotions, and this could lead to your partner feeling unloved. You may be dishonest despite your desire for honesty.

2. Thumb Tucked

If you clench your fist with your thumb curled and tucked like a boxer, you are a creative, charming and intelligent person. You work hard and have a lot of high self-esteem and a surfeit of confidence. On the inside, you are more fragile than you seem. You appreciate the encouragement from others, but also you have high expectations for yourself. When in love, you tend to overthink and sometimes that costs you to close yourself from your partner feeling like you are smothering them. It’s hard for you to let go of memories of past relationships.


3. Thumb Inside

If you curl your fingers around your thumb, when making a fist, you are a witty, quick-thinking and emotional person. You want social harmony, but you also tend to be manipulative. Internally, all you desire is to be flexible and able to pursue your dreams. You would prefer hanging out with your partner at home instead of going out. You have a soft heart and it means that it’s very easy for you to forgive people who hurt you.

So, which personality are you? This can help you understand your own thoughts, emotions and desires better. Perhaps you can even improve your relations with your partner or your loved ones. It can also be fun to run this experiment with friends so you can all get insights of each other’s personality. Have fun!
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