Triangle On The Bracelet Line Is A Sign. Do You Have One? This Is What It Means…

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Rascette lines are the horizontal or curved lines separating the palm from the rest of the arm. Otherwise known as bracelet wrist lines, Rascette lines are considered part of the minor lines in palmistry. Now, most people have two or three bracelet lines, although it’s quite possible to have only one as well. But, having four rascettes is actually an indication that the person may live to be 100. In fact, these lines represent a person’s longevity, health, destiny, and fortune. They can also signify a person’s balance or imbalance of the mind, body and spirit. According to palmistry, the more solid and unbroken the lines, the higher the chances of a good and healthy life.

But, the rare occurrence of all is having a triangle on the wrist. In fact, a triangle on the bracelet line is a sign of extreme luck!

Now, look at your wrists and see what your lines are like. If you have a line that forms a triangle with the bracelet lines, it’s a sign that you’ll possibly be getting money unexpectedly. This could mean winning a lottery, so don’t miss your chance to bet!
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