These 22 facts about Human Body will leave you astonished

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Human Body is the most complex machine in the world. It is so complex that we ourselves haven’t been able to figured it out completely despite so many medical advances.
These 22 amazing facts about your body will leave you astonished.

1. Your eyes focus at least 100,000 times a day. That’s similar work for your eyes muscles as walking 50 miles for your leg muscles.

2. She shed about 40 pounds of skin cells during one lifetime.

3. The jaw muscles are the strongest in the body.

4. Emotional stress causes adrenaline rush. People have been able to lift cars and boulders while feeling emotional stress.

5. Your nose can remember more than 50000 scents

6. A light bulb can be lighted using the electricity produced from a human brain

7. Human Body can surpass most of the other animals in long-distance running

8. World’s most powerful supercomputer, Blue Gene, is only as powerful as 0.002% of the human brain

9. Red blood cells can travel the entire length of your body in 20 seconds

10. Our eyes can distinguish between 10 million different colors.

11. When in love, our brain releases the same neurotransmitters and hormones as amphetamines

12. The amount of spit your produce in your lifetime is enough to fill two swimming pools

13. Over 90% of our body cells originate from fungi and bacteria.

14. Your belly button can be a host to an ecosystem of bacteria similar to the size of rainforest

15. Our brain can read up to 1000 words in a minute

16. We share half of our DNA with a banana

17. Our body radiates glow in the dark, but our eyes just can’t detect it.

18. An adult human body has 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, 000 atoms

19. On a completely level surface, your eyes can see a candle from 30 miles away.

20. Human babies have 60 more bones than human adults

21. We spent 10% of our waking life with eyes blinked.

22. 2 million new cells originate in our body, every second.

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