Kerala Hotel Installs A Fridge So Anyone Can Leave Leftovers For The Needy

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In Kochi there’s a tree, and it provides food for the hungry. The only difference is this tree is a refrigerator, where one can drop the left over food from your home, so that someone else who might otherwise go hungry can have a meal.
Called ‘Nanma Maram’ or the ‘Tree of Goodness’ the refrigerator, which works 24×7 is installed outside Pappadavada, a restaurant in Kochi.

The idea was mooted by Minu Pauline, who runs the food-joint in Kochi’s Kaloor. Minu said she was inspired by the ‘Coffee on the Wall’ system which is prevalent in many countries. She, however, felt that more than paying for someone else, it would be better if people could bring their leftover food from their homes.
It was named Nanma Maram, because the refrigerator is installed under a Konna tree (golden shower tree), right in front of the popular eatery.
“I have seen a lot of people in the city go hungry, because they couldn’t afford to buy food, and I felt I should do something for them”, Minu said.
She also added that anyone who is unable to buy themselves a meal can avail the food from ‘Nanma Maram’ anytime they feel so.
Pappadavad, other than running the expense of the refrigerator also contributes fifty food packets everyday to the initiative. Those leaving food packets in the refrigerator are asked to write the date of packing, so that they only provide fresh food.

Minu said the scheme had received good response from the public so far, with many people coming forward to contribute.
While some were willing to buy food from outside to deposit in the refrigerator, Minu said she encourages people to bring the leftover food from their home, which would otherwise go waste.
“One day I saw an elderly woman, taking a food packet from the refrigerator. There were some balloons next to the refrigerator, and she took one of them too. Just out of curiosity, I asked why was she taking the balloon. Then I saw a small girl, the woman’s grandchild near her. The balloon was for her” Minu described a moving incident, saying that the smiles on their faces were her biggest satisfaction in doing this.
Minu, who quit her job in a bank in 2013 to launch her food joint, feels ‘Nanma Maram’ is her way of giving back something to the city, which she said gave her a lot.
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