If You Ever Develop A Black Mark On Your Fingernail Like THIS, Rush To The Hospital. Here’s Why

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In this article we’ll share with you the heartbreaking story of one woman’s struggle with one of the most dangerous diseases of our time – cancer. Just like everyone else, she never thought it could happen to her, which is why she was so shocked when the doctors diagnosed her with cancer. She decided to speak up in public and share her story with the world in order to raise awareness about this horrific illness. She wanted to warn people that even the smallest change in your body can be a signal that something is wrong and we shouldn’t dismiss these changes easily, writing them off like something unimportant. Monitor your body closely and carefully and if you notice even the smallest mark or growth, consult with your doctor before it’s too late.

Her name is Melanie Williams, a 36 year old mother of three, who never in her wildest dreams imagined what was that small dark spot under her fingernail. Just weeks before she was diagnosed, Melanie noticed a small dark spot under her fingernail, but didn’t think much of it. She thought it was a fungal infection or a small wart, nothing to worry about. Imagine her surprise when she went to the doctor and he informed her that it’s actually melanoma, a type of skin cancer which if caught early can be removed surgically.

Melanie considers herself lucky that the cancer hadn’t metastasized and spread to other organs yet. She now awaits a surgical procedure to remove it, along with a part of her thumb and the surgery was scheduled for next week. If she hadn’t consulted a doctor in time who knows what would have happened, and how her story would have ended. She mentioned that her skin cancer appeared so unexpectedly and developed quickly, in just a few weeks.

She posted a picture on her Facebook profile, explaining her story, but she warned that she doesn’t want any sympathies; she just wants to raise awareness about this serious condition. “I want more awareness. So, please go and get any changes or growths on your skin checked out. And, please tell other people around you to get checked as well”, Melanie posted on her wall.

Whatever her mission was, Melanie was successful in spreading the word around. It’s been three weeks since she shared her photo and it has more than 120 000 shares already. Share this post and warn the people around you, they might be at risk without even knowing it.

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