Discover The Truth About Why You Suck, According To Your Zodiac Sign

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Aries is a volatile one. You tend to swing violently between moods and emotions.


Taurus can be insufferable in a relationship. You tend to be paranoid and clingy. 


Gemini is two-faced as they come. Pro tip: pick a personality and stick with it please.


Stop. Crying.


Leo is quite the lion, but they're also sensitive and love praise. Get over it. You don't need affirmations for everything. 


If you want gossipy friends with a terrible taste in everything, invite a Virgo to your birthday party. It'll be great.


News flash, Libra. You're not God. You have to consider what other people want. You can't make all the decisions.


Calm down dude. It's gonna be fine. Put down the gun. 


Put down the mirror, Sagittarius. We know you're into yourself. Be into someone else maybe?


Capricorn's biggest downfall has to be their dullness. Liven your life up a little bit why don't you?


Sociopaths. That is all.


Pisces gets my sympathy. They have a hard time loving themselves. They tend to be cowards. Buck up. You're alright. 

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