Bride Has A Strange Itch That Won’t Go Away. Then, She Learns The Terrifying Truth…

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They looked like the perfect couple and were certainly leading what most would believe to be perfect lives.
Lucy was working a dream job at a lingerie company, while Liam was becoming a very busy personal trainer as his clients began to continually increase. Their big wedding date was approaching, and this beautiful looking couple couldn’t wait. As they saved their earnings in anticipation for the big day, something unexpected happened.

Lucy called Liam from London, where she had been training for her job. On the phone, Lucy explained to Liam that a full-body itch had suddenly come over her. While no rashes were present, it could be felt all over her body and she tried over-the-counter medications, but so far nothing had worked.
Liam described the call he received: “She was in London training for her new job and called me to tell me about it. She was not one to make a fuss, so I knew it must be bad.”
She ended up going to a walk-in-clinic where the diagnosis was scabies and a special cream was ordered and given to Lucy in hopes to alleviate the symptoms. Unfortunately, the cream didn’t work, and her condition got worse.
“When she got back home in the first week of July, she was making her skin bleed with the scratching.”
Another doctor thought perhaps allergies were to blame. Antihistamines were prescribed. But no relief came of it.

Liam felt it important to tell what happened, due to the fact that the diagnosis of scabies was wrong, as was the allergy diagnosis. Unfortunately, the right diagnosis, was cancer.
Turns out it is a rare and commonly unknown form, thus it is not often heard about. Basically a tumor develops inside the bile duct of the liver. But it wasn’t until four months of constant itches and scratches that they properly found out what was going on. Everyone was shocked that this was happening 27-year-old Lucy.
Liam describes how tough it was to find out what was happening to his beloved Lucy:
“The moment they told us she had cancer, she broke down. I tried my best not to cry, too – I wanted to be strong for her.”
Lucy went the regular routes, undergoing chemotherapy. But it proved to be too late. They were married, but three months later, Lucy died.
Liam was beside himself and describes what happened after she passed:
“For three hours after she passed on, I sat there talking to her, apologizing for not being able to save her.”

Now Liam makes it his mission to tell the world about this condition so no one else will have to go through what he went through. He is spreading awareness about bile duct cancer while looking to raise more money for research funding to combat the cancer.
This form of cancer is actually on the rise so it’s important now more than ever to raise awareness of it, while doing whatever is possible to nip it in the bud early on. Many times, since the tumors are small, patients don’t end up being diagnosed until it is too late.
Please share this story with all of your friends and family in order to help Liam spread awareness of this cancer that his wife passed away from.
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