Boyfriend Hides Surprise Proposal In 148 Photos He Took With His Girlfriend For 5 Months

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Coming up with the most unusual, memorable and romantic marriage proposal is definitely a great challenge to every man. This is exactly the sentiment of 38-year-old Ray Smith, who has been planning to propose to his girlfriend Claire Bramley.
This hopeless romantic guy wants to make his proposal very special, so he went to search online for unique proposals and saw ideas like flash mobs and that sort of thing.
“I have been planning to propose for a while and I knew I wanted to do something romantic,” he said.

In his original plan, he wants to pop the question in a hot air balloon, but when they discovered that his 33-year-old girlfriend was pregnant in June, he comes up with a new idea.
Ray decided to take a picture every day for five months with the hidden message “Will You Marry Me?”

But the challenge here is how to take the photos without her noticing his surprise proposal.

So Ray told her that he was taking the pictures to track the progress of their baby.

Sometimes Claire wanted to see the pictures so he had to take more than one shot – one with the card and one without.

This sweet guy took a total of 148 pictures, and Claire, who happily pose for the photos had no single clue of what was happening.

Claire said, “I had no clue, I was totally oblivious to it all. He told me he was taking the pictures to create memories for the baby so I just let him get on with it.”

Ray went as far as teasing Claire about the proposal, he said, “I actually started teasing her saying 2016 is a leap year, and she should actually propose to me.”

But his unique proposal is far from being easy, in fact, she nearly caught him for a couple of times but was lucky to get away with it.

Then on Christmas Day, Ray had his resolve to finally ask her the “magic words” that he’s been asking in the pictures.

“It was all a bit chaotic on Christmas Day morning so I took her away and set it all up on the laptop. I got down on one knee and gave her a bit of spiel, and then popped the question,” he recalls.

And she said YES!

Claire said “I was totally surprised, but in hindsight it’s exactly the kind of thing he does. He likes to do romantic things. I said yes straight away, I didn’t need to think about it. I got a bit emotional, but I am pregnant after all.”
Watch the romantic surprise proposal:

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