This 3 yo wandered alone through the wilderness for 11 days. But who was beside her the whole…


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She wanted to visit her Dad who lives in the next village over. 3-year-old Karina Chikitova lived with her mother in Siberia and had made the trek alone to see Dad several times in the past. But this time, Dad wasn’t there. So she decides to go and look for him.

This proved to be a big mistake. The Siberian Forest is endless and even adults make sure they are armed when entering in order to fend off all the bears and wolves. This little girl is not armed. The only thing she does have is her little dog at her side. And this dog ends up becoming her savior, in more than one way.

Meanwhile, the parents are guilt-stricken and hugely remorseful. The temps are bitter cold and have the potential to reach less than zero. A large scale search team is soon sent out. But a week goes by and nothing. After 10 days it simply is not looking good at all. Then, on the 11th day, the girls little dog returns to the village. Rescuers were heartbroken. They figured the worst.

Naturally, they figure Karina had died in the forest and hence the dog has now returned. But oddly enough, the dog then began going back into the forest. Rescuers look at one another and a glimmer of hope emerges. They quickly follow the dog back into the forest. And there is Karina, sitting in long grass, very cold, dehydrated and hungry. But besides being frightened at seeing the rescuers, she appears to be doing very well considering the conditions she was in.

She takes a big drink of water, then they all returned and Karina was brought to her parents. When asked about the experience, it is learned that Karina has some serious survivalist skills! She stayed fed by eating berries and drinking water from the stream. The big bears and wolves were kept at bay by her barking dog. During the night they would cuddle up with one another to stay warm. Somehow this little girl, barefoot, wearing only a thin shirt, was able to withstand conditions that most grown men wouldn’t be able to deal with.

Thanks to her dog, and the amazing will to survive by Karina, the story indeed has a happy ending. So happy that an actual statue of Karina and her dog has been erected in their hometown!

She has now completely recovered. Thanks to her wonderful dog companion, Karina was not only kept warm and safe, but the dog was able to find the rescuers and bring them to the little girl.

What an amazing story! Here’s the video of her rescue below.

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