Things Women Usually Do That Men Find Incredibly Attractive

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Being sexy or hot is not just about looks, it’s also about subtle personality traits, or even everyday habits that you are not even aware that you are doing. Here is an article that spells out some of the most unintentionally done things by women that most (almost all) men find extremely sexy! And woman, mind you… The man will never tell.

1.) Messy hair, let loose or tied in a bun.
A messy bun, with stray strands of hair around their face that they keep tucked away behind their ears with nonchalance, at infrequent intervals during a coffee date. It is just hot, somehow.

2.) A witty sense of humor.
Being humorous and witty is a turn on by itself. Girls who can laugh at themselves, and find funny in dire situations are easy going by default. Easy going equals sexy, over high maintenance any day.

3.) Women who know what they want and prefer taking the lead rather than being a follower.
Taking the lead is a sure sign of a smart, independent woman who doesn’t need a man to take control of her life. Most modern men love it when their date takes the lead – she’s the one who chooses the restaurant, she offers to take the paycheck, or at least split it, she springs surprises on her man, plans impromptu weekend getaways together – you get the drift.

4.) Someone who is not overdramatic.
Men cannot get enough of a woman who is not overly dramatic. The dream is to find a woman can be a ‘bro’ as well as a girlfriend. Girls who are into video games, football, or any kind of sports is HOT. #HandsDown. Bonus points if the girl is the one to suggest a sky diving episode. Woo hooo!

5.) Intelligence, how much hotter could a woman get after all?!
She reads. Not just Nicholas Sparks, Kafka and Joyce too. She can talk politics. She is aware of what’s going on around the world. Intelligence combined with kindness makes for a keeper.

6.) When she wears clothes that are more comfortable rather than clingy and skimpy. (For a change)
When she is dressed in an oversized shirt over a pair of shorts. Typically with no makeup, and loose strands of hair all over her face. Irresistible is the word. Do we hear a ‘YES’?!

7.) Walking out of the shower, actually fumbling. (Rather than walking)
Just out of the shower, with hair dripping wet, and a towel wrapped around her beautiful self, fumbling around for which outfit to wear for the day – a sight quite a huge number of men just can’t resist.

8.) Someone who is fiercely independent.
She loves her freedom, and she loves her partner. She can perfectly balance both at the same time – and that’s hot.

9.) A woman who is outspoken and blunt.
Whatever she wants, she says it out loud. Even in bed, she is not afraid to ask for what she likes, regardless of how kinky it is. Bonus points if she is enthusiastic about trying tips off Cosmopolitan.

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