Mom Took Disabled Son For Pizza And Cried When She Saw The Bathroom. The Owner Explains…


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Unisex bathrooms, they're still pretty controversial. What's your take on them? In recent years, unisex bathrooms have been on the rise, but a lot of people have been voicing their concerns over them. People who are in favor of them see them as being inclusive, since everybody can use the same washroom, no matter your gender identification. Those who are against feel great amounts of discomfort and feel vulnerable (some people find the other sex being present during potty-time as overwhelming). Recently, however, a pizza restaurant by the name of Pure Pizza (in Northern Carolina) has created a gender-neutral bathroom that shows how much they care about their customers.

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Recently, a woman was eating at Pure Pizza with her son who has a disability. It came time for her to take him to the restroom, which is when she noticed that it was unisex. Immediately, the woman became teary-eyed and went to talk to the owner of the restaurant, Juli Ghazi. She told her how she didn't feel comfortable taking her son into the "ladies" washroom and that she was extremely grateful for the gender-neutral washroom. This experience led Juli Ghazi to place a sign on the door of the washroom, which is now receiving a lot of attention from other customers.

A sign placed near the sink in the washroom reads:

“We have a unisex bathroom because sometimes gender specific toilets put others into uncomfortable situations.
And since we have a lot of our friends coming to see us, we wanted to provide a place for our friends who are:
Single Dads with daughters
Single Moms with sons
Parents with disabled children
Those in the LGBTQ community
Adults with aging parents who may be mentally/physically disabled
Thank you for helping us to provide a safe environment for everyone.”
Ghazi goes on to support her choice of a unisex washroom by saying "The truth is, there are so many times when a unisex bathroom is needed," she said. "Single mothers with sons, transgender men and women, single fathers with young daughters ... there are so many different scenarios when a family bathroom is needed. We did, for instance, have a mom with a disabled teenage son come in for lunch one day and she had a really emotional, tearful reaction to the sign."

This story is truly heartwarming and shows how useful unisex bathrooms can actually be. Perhaps more restaurant owners should follow suit and have unisex bathrooms in their establishments. What do you think?

Source: diply

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