How To Get Rid Of Blackheads

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Blackheads and pimples are never a welcome sight on anyone’s face; all the more when there is an important occasion coming up. Some blackheads and pimples can be painful, like those on your back.
They begin as the pores on your skin which have become clogged with dead skin and oil. Then, bacteria begin to breed causing an irritation or inflammation that can end up as pimples and blackheads.

Basics Of Blackheads

clogged pore is known as a blackhead, appearing like a dark, flat mark or a pepper speck. Blackheads commonly occur across forehead, down the chin and nose.
It is in this area that most of Sebum is produced, but blackheads can as well appear on the skin which is dry. When blackheads combine with another type of bacteria, it can cause a breakout.

Protecting Your Skin From Blackheads

As the saying goes, “prevention is better than cure”. Hence, you should allow your skin to activate its defenses on your behalf for your benefit such as an acid mantle which bacteria do not like.
But washing your face washes away that protective acid layer which requires at least 30 minutes to reform. Hence, after washing your face, it is recommended to put on some good toner or moisturizer to protect your skin while its natural defense mechanism kicks in.
Hence, to get rid of blackheads, keep your pores unclogged and allow your skin’s natural defense to come on to prevent bacteria build up. Next, exfoliate your face physically with a grainy scrub or use a chemical exfoliation that has salicylic acid or AHA. This method will dissolve any layer of ‘glue’ between your dead skin cells and pore walls. It will be gentle on your skin so that no further irritation will be induced.
Killing the bacteria is crucial. You may choose to visit your doctor for some antibiotics or antibiotic cream. It usually lasts for a duration which you must take or apply faithfully to get rid of those blackheads. But after the course is over, the blackheads may still come back if your immune system has not strengthened to combat new bouts of bacteria.
It is not recommended to take antibiotics on a long term basis.Some natural habits may cause more blackheads to come on, like squeezing, picking or scratching. These are unhealthy or unbeneficial habits which must be stopped or checked to avoid blackheads from coming on as irritation, infection, inflammation or scars may result.

Various Causes Of Blackheads

Blackheads are formed on the skin because of the following conditions:


Though the skin creates just enough Sebum for protection and moisture, when there is more oil on the skin, there are chances that the skin may produce excessive Sebum, which is trapped in skin pores, causing a blockage.
When it combines with debris, and dead cells, Sebum darken resulting in a Blackhead near the opening of the pore. It is the Oxidized oil and not debris, which makes the Blackhead, black.

Excess Oil

Excess oil on your skin due to very hot and humid weather or increased androgens, or heavy emollients can also cause Blackheads.

Effective Ingredients In Treatment Creams

You can get rid of these unwanted inflammations by getting rid of the bacteria through many over-the-counter creams and solutions. Some of these treatments contain benzoyl peroxide to insert oxygen into your pore to kill off the acne bacteria.
Salicylic acid proves to be another active ingredient in anti-acne or blackhead creams which unclogs the pores. You can opt for tea tree oil, which takes care of the bacteria in your pores directly.

Other Blackhead Treatments

Although most think that blackheads are permanent pieces of our lives, it need not be so if the control of oil is good. As oil is the main cause of blackhead formation, it is best to have it under control even if your skin carries on producing oil.
Besides the above mentioned skin care products, there are other specialized products that can also work effectively on your blackheads to banish them from your skin. These are cleansers that contain Beta Hydroxyl Acid that become exfoliating agents.
Pore-strips are useful in removing superficial blackheads. They are simple to use; just apply them to your wet skin. They will stick well then. When the pore strip dries up, you can pull it off with the blackheads attached to it. This is a temporary solution as blackheads can come back.
Alternatively, use a retinoid to combat blackheads; it functions to turn the cells over very fast and in turn induce fresh skin to rise to the top. But it does not function instantaneously.
You can try glycolic peels which are another good blackhead solution. These peels slough away any dead skin with the bacteria existing on it. However, different individuals react to the peels differently. When used too often, the skin’s defensive system can be weakened causing skin irritation.

Home Remedies For Blackheads

Pomegranate Paste

Although this may serve as a short term remedy for blackheads, its effectiveness makes it quite popular. You can combine roasted and powdered pomegranate skin to form a paste which can be applied onto your blackheads regularly every day for about 10 minutes, for a few weeks.

Cinnamon Powder

This alternative natural treatment may be temporary, but useful in preventing the multiplications of blackheads. Mix three tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon cinnamon powder to form a thick paste.
Apply this paste on your blackheads at night before you go to bed. Wash off in the morning using warm water.

Boiled Milk And Lime Juice

Add fresh lime juice to a half glass of boiled milk. This is also another excellent short-term blackhead remedy. These recommendations may be short term, but they are useful when you need to get rid of the blackheads urgently with some special occasion coming.
Hence, it is best to identify the real problems of your blackhead condition instead of treating the symptoms. You may need to discover and understand the root cause of blackheads on your skin before you find the best solution to take care of it once and for all instead of using temporary quick fixes.

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