Eat 2 bananas a day and you won’t believe what it’ll change! Crazy!


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You’ve probably heard the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”
But there’s another fruit out there that also has huge health benefits, and if you eat two of them a day you will feel totally energized. Here’s why the 2 bananas a day protocol works so well:
Technically a banana is a berry, belonging to the same family as tomatoes, cucumbers and pumpkins. They contain some powerful ingredients that many people are not aware of. Not only providing energy, but also providing relief to certain symptoms.

Eating one or two bananas before hitting the gym will give you all the energy you need for an hour's worth of exercising. While the vitamins and minerals sustain the body throughout your workout, the potassium helps to prevent muscle cramps thus not slowing you down.
Surprising to many, bananas can actually help with depression and even can kick that wintertime “down” feeling many people often get once the temp changes and the days get shorter. They contain a hefty offering of the amino acid tryptophan. This mineral gets turned into serotonin, which goes straight to your brain to provide the boost of well being and happiness.
Blood pressure.
Blood pressure can be effectively fought with bananas. This is very important as that can protect you from falling victim to strokes and heart attacks. Matter of fact the potassium makes them one of the perfect foods for those with heart disease.

Bananas are a great supplement for those that are anemic. They have a lot of iron, which assist in red blood cell and hemoglobin production, strengthening the blood supply of your body.
Bad Moods.
Try this next time you find yourself in a bad mood. Grab a banana and consume! They regulate blood sugar levels and the B vitamins calm your nerves. You will feel more relaxed and your mood should level out.
Stomach Ulcers.
Usually you have to take it easy when eating after experiencing stomach ulcers. Not much should be consumed, but bananas are the exception. It coats your stomach lining with a film which actually can give protection to those annoying acids. Bananas can actually lower fevers as well.
A banana can provide that immediate relief you are looking for when having heartburn. It provides relief right away and also helps to fight off the common heartburn symptoms.
Bananas are really awesome. They are the one fruit which really satisfies your hunger,and here we have plenty of examples of how they provide amazing benefits to your health by helping with common ailments, to providing instant energy and mood enhancement. Making a couple bananas a staple of your daily diet can have big benefits!
Share this with all your friends and family so everyone can experience the health and energy benefits of the amazing banana!

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