A Japanese Method Says That Each Finger Is Connected To Two Organs


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Jean Shin Jyutsu is a long standing form of Japanese art that is used for balancing emotions by stimulation of particular points on the hands.
It encompasses an ancient Japanese mastery and philosophy which is an effective alternative medicine.  The art revolves around the balancing of your body’s energy through specific points of your hands and fingers. Balanced energy is the objective and imperative for physical and emotional health.
The foundation of study is established on the principle that each finger on the hand is related to a specific organ which is also related to a specific emotion.
In order to interact with a specific organ, all you need to do is put pressure on your finger for 5 minutes while breathing deeply. By massaging every finger on your hand, you will achieve complete harmonization within the body. For a full body exercise, train with each finger separately, about five minutes at a time.
Here are the finger-organ relationships in your body:
Organs: belly and spleen.
Emotions: depression and anxiety.
Physical symptoms: skin issues, abdominal pain, headache, nervousness.

Index Finger (forefinger):
Organs: kidneys and bladder
Emotions: fear, confusion and disappointment.
Physical symptoms: issues with digestive system, toothache, muscle pain, back pain.
Middle Finger:
Organs: liver and gall-bladder.
Emotions: anger, impulsiveness, hesitancy.
Physical system: blood circulation issues, menstrual pain, decreased vision, fatigue, migraine, frontal headache.
Ring Finger:
Organs: lungs and colon.
Emotions: negativity, glumness, rejection, fear, sorrow.
Physical symptoms: noise in the ears, respiratory issues, asthma, skin diseases, digestion issues.
Small Finger:
Organs: heart and small intestine.
Emotions: apprehensiveness, lack of self-appreciation, annoyance.
Physical symptoms: heart issues, sore throat, stomach inflating, issues with bones.

Source: Viralsection

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