4 Signs You've Met Someone From A Past Life


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You'd think it would be an incredibly rare thing to experience, but no, we've likely lived hundreds of past lives, giving us the opportunity to experience and love so many different souls.

What are the signs that you've met someone from a past life?

You feel an immediate loving connection with them.

People you loved in a past life are easy to love in this life as well. There will be people you meet in life that you just immediately click and connect with. It's a very real feeling. You'll know it when you feel it.

You feel an immediate negative reaction to them.

You probably had enemies and not so favorite people in your past life just like you do in your current life. This can be experienced in someone you find yourself just disliking for no particular reason. That doesn't necessarily mean you should hate them though! Get to know them. You didn't bury the hatchet in your last life, so bury it in this one.

You have a telepathic bond.

Like ET and Elliot, you seem to know what they're feeling, know what they're about to say; you think about them and not long after they shoot you a call or a text message.

You see it in their eyes.

You look in their eyes and see something so...familiar. They draw you in almost immediately. Experts on reincarnation don't think it's an accident. Pay close attention to the eyes of the people you meet.

Source: Higherperspectives

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