15 Things Women Look For In Men


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1. A Good Listener

With women, communication is the key, so try and talk to them often. There is nothing uncool about listening and being understanding.

2. Express Your Feelings

Know your feelings and don’t shy away from expressing them to a woman. She will love it.

3. Basic behavior

Women expect some basic behavior from men like chivalry

4. Be Honest

Remember “Honesty is the best policy”. So be loyal to her. If you lie to her then you might lose her forever. Being loyal to her is the best way to win her heart.

5. Being protective is good, but being possessive is a big NO.

Caring about your woman is different, but nagging her and being possessive is a strict NO.

6. Intelligence

Women these days are attracted to intelligent men. We are not telling you to be google but at least know the things that happening around you.

7. Space Up

If she is going out with her girlfriends, don’t bug her constantly with texts and phone calls. Instead, make plans with your own guy friends.

8. Sense of humor

Men who have a great sense of humor will always attract to women.  If you can make a girl laugh, you can win her heart.

9. Sociability

If you have good friends and you introduce your girlfriend to them, your girl will start trusting you completely. Your friends represent your nature in a major way. So if she likes your friends, then she completely will be yours.

10. Being An Optimistic Person

Every woman wants a man who will push her towards her dreams and motivate her.

11. Dress to impress

Of course she likes to see you dress up in a suit, but not all the time some time being casual will also impress her.

12. Be polite

Every couple has fought and arguments. If you are polite at that time, you will win the argument and your girl's heart.

13. Pay her a sincere compliment

Compliment her and make her feel good. Compliment her on what you like really.

14. Look Her In The Eye

It will make her feel like the most special girl in the whole world. Nothing else around you will matter. If will be just you and her.

15. Ignore Your Phone

When you are with her then don’t use your phone it will irritate her. Maybe she won’t like it. So just be with her, look at her and talk with her.

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